West Seattle Crime Watch: Reader-report roundup

Another case of a watchful neighbor thwarting crime – plus, a stolen motorcycle, a found bicycle that might have been stolen, and suspected “suspicious activity” – West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports from the WSB inbox, after the jump:

From Sarah:

Just wanted to warn the neighborhood about a car “break-in” earlier (Tuesday). I say “break-in” because we obviously forgot to lock our car doors last night. (Yeah, bad on our part). We believe either they were just going through the neighborhood and pulling on the car handles to see what ones were unlocked or they were looking at our car to try to take our wheels that we have on the car. All they took was the change. Our CDs and other items are still there. It happened on SW Elmgrove St on the west side on 35th Ave SW.

We also spoke to one of our neighbors who had seen a kid (maybe teens or early 20s) slender build, short haircut who appeared to be Hispanic walking around our street yesterday. Our neighbor said the kid touched his scooter as to see if it was locked in place and also checked out his dirt bike in the back of his pick up. When our neighbor ran outside to see what was going on the kid ran across the street.

Just a reminder to double check the locks and keep an eye out for each other.

JB says his motorcycle has been stolen from a secured residential garage in The Junction and hopes you will be on the lookout:

The locks were cut and drilled out. A police report has been filed.

2006 Black Yamaha r6 sport bike
Red Rims all Badges removed

LIC: 856591
VIN: JYARJ06EX6A031651

Lose a bike, to theft or otherwise? Alicia may have found it. Before taking it to the police precinct, she wanted to cast a net for its owner:

A couple of weeks ago a bicycle was left next to our house and left there. It would appear that it was stolen since no one came to get it and it’s a pretty nice bike. It’s a silver/black Specialized Hard Rock Sport. There’s other stuff on it that would help identify (if someone claims it’s theirs) – seat bag, rack, light, air pump, bottle cage.

Found between SW WEBSTER and HOLDEN, between 30th and 31st (Sunrise Heights neighborhood) – close to the EC Hughes Playground/Park

You can reach Alicia at (206) 226-3354 if it’s yours.

Last but not least, an anonymous report that came in late last night:

This was reported to the police via 911 tonight after I saw some suspicious activity. 5400 block of California Ave SW (west side of California), alley.

I was inside my apartment when I heard some noises outside that sounded very close. Took a peak outside and didn’t see anything at first. Then I heard someone running fast, then saw a guy. He ran north to south in the alley up to a car parked right outside the building in the building’s resident designated parking. The guy was carrying a duffle bag, which appeared to be somewhat heavy and it made some clanking noises, (maybe like tools hitting each other in the bag?) He spoke in an Asian language (I don’t know enough about Asian languages to be able to distinguish which one it was) when he ran up to the car. There were people waiting in it, although I could not see them or did not know they were there until the passenger side door opened, and the running guy got in to the front passenger seat. This guy was younger, guessing early 20’s and Asian. There was at least one other person in the car who drove the vehicle away, and there possibly was someone in the backseat, although I am not 100% sure on that. I think the person in the back seat may have opened the passenger door for the running guy as he approached the vehicle, because he jumped in pretty quick with the duffle bag, and said a few things to the others.

When the car took off- no lights on- I realized they had backed into this space because the pulled straight out and left in a hurry. East on Findlay towards California, then after that, I don’t know. I don’t know if they were up to no good or not, but I reported it just in case, because it was really suspicious. The car looked like a Honda style, mid 90s or newer, dark color. I didn’t recognize the vehicle or the guy that ran up to the vehicle. The area they were parked in was designated parking for resident’s of this building and most of the time it is the same vehicles parked there, so it is odd to have something like this happen late at night.

My phone was in the other room, so as soon as they left I ran to the other room and called 911 to report it. For some reason, my phone didn’t log the time I called like it normally does. It was after 11pm though when this happened.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Reader-report roundup"

  • brn2bm May 4, 2011 (1:25 pm)

    One of my younger friends claims that there is a lot of theft involved among Honda enthusiasts. Not a racial thing, it’s an oddity of a particular brand in car culture. Take a look around your parking lot and see if there’s a Honda with some stuff that would make it attractive to the sort of loser that shops at Midnite Auto Parts. They haven’t realized that if they have the skills to steal, they can make better money if they get a job before their felony conviction makes them unemployable.

  • Stolen Bike May 4, 2011 (3:37 pm)

    A huge thanks to Alicia, for posting info about a possible stolen bike. And YES it was stolen from my backyard.

    If someone comes across a Gary Fisher – small frame, purple in color, mt bike. That was the other one that was stolen. Would be very greatful to have it back as well.

  • Alicia May 4, 2011 (3:38 pm)

    Bicycle owner found! Less than 12 hours. West Seattle Blog rocks – we are incredibly fortunate to have such a resource in our community!

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