West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 more car incidents

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports to share this morning – both involving car crimes, which local police acknowledge are the most common ones they deal with.

From Melissa:

Just wanted to report a car prowl incident at 28th and Holden (Friday) night. Seems I didn’t close my passenger door completely (although someone would have had to walk up and try the door to notice). They went through the front compartment of the car and took some sunglasses, keys to a padlock and some CDs. I think they were interrupted because things were strewn about as though they were in the middle of rummaging when they had to stop.

Although everything taken wasn’t all that expensive and they didn’t break a window, it’s sort of disturbing to think that someone is walking around the neighborhood trying the doors on vehicles, and I have an Acura which would have locked itself even if I had forgotten to use the clicker except that the door wasn’t closed completely. Anyway, be on the lookout at night!

And from about half a mile away, HM sent this alert:

Just thought I would send this in just in case anyone else in the neighborhood had this happen recently. One of the last couple nights (my husband doesn’t drive his car every day so we aren’t exactly sure when it happened) someone shot a bb gun through the back window of my husband’s
Toyota 4Runner near 34th and Webster.

Nothing was stolen and it doesn’t even appear that the car was touched other than the bb going through, as when we touched it (Friday) morning the window shattered into a bunch of pieces.

We are assuming this was kids and that they didn’t have any intention of stealing anything, but just want the neighbors to be aware. I seem to remember a posting on the blog a few months ago where others had experienced this very thing.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 more car incidents"

  • BCB May 29, 2011 (3:47 pm)

    My husband went out to his car this morning to find the passenger side window broken. Nothing was stolen either just a pain to deal with now!

  • winterhawk May 29, 2011 (4:00 pm)

    We’re close, 26th & Kenyon, had one of our windows broken last night between 6-10pm. Nothing stolen, just a PITA, There is a small hole, BB sized.

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