West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 burglaries, 1 ‘unplugged’

The two latest West Seattle Crime Watch reports are burglaries – one came in by phone because the victim’s computer was part of the loot, so she had no other way to report it here – read on for details on that, and another break-in with a puzzling “clue” – an unplugged appliance:

By phone: A home near 35th/Morgan was broken into early Sunday afternoon while the resident was at a friend’s soccer game. The burglar(s) went through drawers and shelves, making off with a brand-new HP laptop as well as some jewelry.

By e-mail, received on Monday:

Location: Oregon between 40th-41st
Date: Friday 4-18-11
Time: Between 10-12:30 (pm)
Taken: Flat Screen TV and Camera

Upon coming home we discovered that there was a gaping hole where our TV once was. Upon further investigation it was clear that someone had managed to climb and get in through the kitchen window. Robber moved and unplugged the refrigerator??? Was the robber looking for something else and when nothing was found went for the television? Was the robber in the wrong house??? I don’t have anything hiding behind my refrigerator, especially anything they might be looking for!! Had the robber scouted out the joint prior with the TV the goal, and unplugging the refrigerator their MO?

Who the “F” knows!!

The TV and a camera were taken, both of which were in vision upon entering the home. This appears to have been a quick operation.

My dog may have been stricken or at least could sense they were ‘bad guys’, as she was discovered downstairs hiding in the bathroom and shaking.

I hope these jerks get busted. You mess with my dog, you mess with my family.

Another reminder, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets at 7 tonight, Southwest Precinct. We’ll hear about local crime trends, as well as the traffic-safety speaker we’ve previewed already.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 burglaries, 1 'unplugged'"

  • onceachef April 19, 2011 (12:34 pm)

    Absolutely…mess with dogs and there’s gonna’ be trouble…I have an 80 lb lab, though, and he may not cower so easily…sorry for your stolen property and the violation to begin with…sob’s!

  • Live From Paris April 19, 2011 (9:21 pm)

    You said it. You break into my home, you touch my dog, so much as look at him wrong, and all I can “remind” you of is: “Say hello to my little friend.” I’m so, so sorry about your (baby), because NO ONE has the right to make him feel unsafe or afraid…ever, especially in his own home. MFers! Albeit, nothing short of maddening, your stuff can be replaced. Your peace of mind; not so easy.

    I just can’t wait to come to WSB and read about the guy that finally got his when he entered the “wrong house”. This crap has gotten so old and eventually a law abiding citizen will have had enough. Oh, and for the bleeding hearts who are going to respond to me about violence doesn’t solve anything, criminals need to be hugged, we need to start positive education earlier in school, the police need to do their jobs, etc., etc., can well, just …

  • resident3 April 19, 2011 (9:52 pm)

    That is my fear- my dog will have nowhere to hide if an invader comes in and tries to harm her. Can anyone provide more detail about these break ins? The home page listed times, thats great-but we are at work! any advice on prevention or info from the meeting tonight?

  • resident3 April 19, 2011 (10:09 pm)

    WSB- thank you for the info you can get and for what you do.

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