Think summer: Suggestion time for West Seattle Outdoor Movies

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(WSB photo from 7/18/2010, biggest opening-night crowd ever for WS Outdoor Movies)
Drippy, murky weather, and just one easy antidote (unless you have a private plane you can take to the tropics at a moment’s notice) – dream of summer. Here’s one way to do it: Suggest a movie for this summer’s West Seattle Outdoor Movies (with WSB again among the sponsors)! If you are a new arrival, here’s the backstory: Every summer, the parking courtyard alongside Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) in The Junction turns into an outdoor moviehouse for six consecutive Saturday nights – concessions are sold as fundraisers, there’s always some kind of wacky pre-movie entertainment, you bring the chairs and blankets. And when spring arrives, you suggest the movies! Every year there are some licensing-terms constraints, so even if something seems like the absolute popular choice hands-down, there might be an obstacle, but don’t let that get in your way – if there’s something you would love to enjoy under the stars (and one night last year, hardy souls even stayed through some rain), suggest it now! (If you’re worried about being redundant, here’s last year’s lineup.)

P.S. Two more Hotwire notes, while we’re at it – the Peeps drinks are back (there’s another way to beat the gray-sky blues) – read more about them in the latest Hotwire newsletter – and Hotwire is offering table space for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (May 14th, 9 am-3 pm, sales all over West Seattle – 200 last year! – registration opens Monday). If you don’t have room for your own sale, e-mail Lora to reserve a free courtyard spot: (And if you use Facebook, you can “like” the WSCGSD page for updates and for the chance to post wall info about your own sale when May 14th gets closer!)


  1. 90s Suggestions
    -Empire Records
    -10 Things I Hate About You
    -Royal Tennenbalms

    Comment by Jamila — 12:23 pm April 1, 2011 #

  2. Singing in the Rain
    African Queen

    Comment by Paul Twibell — 12:29 pm April 1, 2011 #

  3. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    Comment by Carl — 12:55 pm April 1, 2011 #

  4. Clockwork Orange

    Comment by Genesee Hill — 12:55 pm April 1, 2011 #

  5. stardust!

    i dig the royal tennenbaums too (i forsee a costume contest associated with this showing…)
    along with the 90′s theme…

    Comment by lina rose — 1:05 pm April 1, 2011 #

  6. for kids:
    Star wars: a new hope
    Neverending story

    Comment by bridge to somewhere — 1:25 pm April 1, 2011 #

  7. You’ve got mail – love that movie

    Back to the future

    Star Wars

    Comment by Christie — 1:31 pm April 1, 2011 #

  8. Zoolander
    Team America

    Comment by Beehive — 1:32 pm April 1, 2011 #

  9. I second The Neverending Story!

    Comment by ElizabethElaine — 1:37 pm April 1, 2011 #

  10. Hey Genesee.. The movie supposed to be family friendly, I don’t think that A Clockwork Orange is just that…lmaoff!

    Comment by jiggers — 1:43 pm April 1, 2011 #

  11. Jig, you’re right, and my error for not stressing that – TR

    Comment by WSB — 1:46 pm April 1, 2011 #

  12. BTW – George Lucas will not grant permission for his films to be shown outdoors.

    Comment by Patrick Sand — 1:47 pm April 1, 2011 #

  13. If the movie is in widescreen, I request that it be shown that way. Super tall and impossibly skinny is not how people are. Google “aspect ratio” if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Watching a squeezed showing of “Cars” two years ago was excruciating.

    Comment by valvashon — 2:43 pm April 1, 2011 #

  14. “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” (1963)

    Comment by Gunnar — 2:51 pm April 1, 2011 #

  15. The Black Stallion.

    Comment by ad — 3:02 pm April 1, 2011 #

  16. It’s never long before someone complains and/or makes demands on the execution of something given for free. What a country!

    Comment by randall — 3:05 pm April 1, 2011 #

  17. Randall – the movies are not free. There are licensing costs attached and certain covenants which must be met. Movies on the Wall is made possible by The West Seattle Junction Association and the businesses who sponsor each movie.

    Comment by Patrick — 4:00 pm April 1, 2011 #

  18. The Great Outdoors

    Comment by junction dude — 4:16 pm April 1, 2011 #

  19. Jiggers and WSB:

    Sorry, though as you are probably aware, it is not the first time I have made a fool of myself!!!

    Comment by Genesee Hill — 4:49 pm April 1, 2011 #

  20. I think these count as family friendly…
    Sound of Music
    North by Northwest
    Gone With the Wind
    Pride and Prejudice
    and I second Stardust & 10 Things I Hate About You.

    Comment by SpringChild — 5:31 pm April 1, 2011 #

  21.’re allowed a three strikes and you’re out rule here, but I don’t think this is regarded as a strike in this case. :)

    Comment by jiggers — 5:52 pm April 1, 2011 #

  22. Fly Away Home!!!!

    Comment by pumpkin — 6:03 pm April 1, 2011 #

  23. Stardust — My new favorite
    Toy Story 3 — For some reason I always thrill when Buzz says “To Infinity, And Beyond!”
    And from when I was stuck inside when recess was called on account of rain (this was L.A.):
    The Red Balloon (though I have no idea if the story holds up with 40+ years passing)

    Comment by JayDee — 6:11 pm April 1, 2011 #

  24. royal tennenbaums
    whip it
    any toy story

    Comment by melanie — 6:36 pm April 1, 2011 #

  25. Field of Dreams (The Mariners will make a guest appearance…)

    Airplane (“Put Dr. Ham on five and hold the Mayo…”)

    Sleepless in Seatttle (a special 3:00 AM showing…)

    Comment by Pibal — 6:53 pm April 1, 2011 #

  26. Ditto to:
    Singing In The Rain
    Back To The Future
    Field of Dreams

    How about Elizabeth Taylor’s National Velvet as a tribute? Or, Lassie Come Home. Classics!

    Comment by Paula T — 7:14 pm April 1, 2011 #

  27. Or, how about:


    Comment by Genesee Hill — 7:26 pm April 1, 2011 #

  28. Technicolor “The Adventures of Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn.

    Comment by Alvis — 7:30 pm April 1, 2011 #

  29. Trouble in Mind
    It Happened at the Worlds Fair
    House of Games

    all filmed in Seattle, though perhaps not all family-friendly!

    Comment by elisabeth — 9:04 pm April 1, 2011 #

  30. raiders of the lost ark
    the dark crystal
    pan’s labyrinth
    back to the future
    world’s fastest indian

    Comment by lina rose — 9:10 pm April 1, 2011 #

  31. I second “National Velvet,” absolutely the 1940s MGM version that made Elizabeth Taylor a child star.

    Comment by Forest — 9:12 pm April 1, 2011 #

  32. The Neverending Story would be amazing! And wow, Black Stallion!

    I’d like to add:

    (Michael Jackson) This is It
    National Lampoon’s Vacation

    Comment by MercyMoi — 9:16 pm April 1, 2011 #

  33. Frances

    Comment by Jer K. — 9:36 pm April 1, 2011 #

  34. Finding Neverland
    A Little Princess
    The Incredibles
    Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’
    Muppets Treasure Island

    All kid-friendly, yes?

    Comment by Jen — 12:23 am April 2, 2011 #

  35. I think a few movies this year should be branded and marketed as ‘The Worst Movies Ever To Laugh At’. Because we all watch them and know all the lines. Ishtar…Moonstruck…Blackula…

    Should do one really bad 50′s SciFi flick…Planet 9, Mars Needs Women, anything Japanese with a Flying Turtle….

    Comment by grr — 1:24 am April 2, 2011 #

  36. “The Secret…” theme — all kid-friendly

    The Secret of Roan Inish
    The Secret of Kells
    The Secret Garden (1993 with Maggie Smith)
    The Secret Life of Bees (PG-13)
    The Secret of Nimh

    Comment by Beth Bakeman — 7:54 am April 2, 2011 #

  37. Labyrinth
    Little Monsters
    Howl’s Moving Castle

    Comment by Kara — 3:08 pm April 2, 2011 #

  38. Iron Man 2
    Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    And ditto to:
    Sound of Music
    Field of Dreams
    Back to the Future
    It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

    Comment by annm — 4:15 pm April 2, 2011 #

  39. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
    Bridge over Terabithia.
    Big Fish.

    Comment by Sheila — 9:41 am April 3, 2011 #

  40. a fun movie to watch and dress up to, “American Graffitti”

    I also like the Seattle movie back-drop idea but old Seattle in a dramatic race against time in my fav ” A Slender Thread”

    and the movie with the best train station ending scene ever “Love in the Afternoon”

    Comment by Sue Bale — 4:41 pm April 5, 2011 #

  41. Indian in the Cupboard
    Gods Must Be Crazy
    Smoke Signals

    Comment by Moviefan — 10:51 am April 18, 2011 #

  42. Second (or third) the vote for National Velvet as a great tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.

    Comment by In the Dark — 11:12 am April 18, 2011 #

  43. Tangled (cute, sweet, adorable)
    Diary of a wimpy kid (funny, big laughs)
    Field of Dreams (important lessons, cute)

    Comment by Caylyn Tobin — 11:48 am April 18, 2011 #

  44. labyrinth
    Sherlock Holmes

    Comment by anon — 11:57 am April 18, 2011 #

  45. 2 Hitchcock greats:
    “Rear Window”
    “North by Northwest” (already mentioned)

    Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights”



    The Iron Giant

    Comment by Jonathan — 1:37 pm April 18, 2011 #

  46. Big Lebowski

    Comment by SA — 1:51 pm April 18, 2011 #

  47. yellow submarine

    Comment by melissa — 5:15 pm April 18, 2011 #

  48. “The Secret Life of Plants”–it’s fascinating, has great music and not available on DVD(the last time I checked!)

    “Hawaii” and “The Hawaiians”-could make for a great theme night!

    Comment by webshaf — 7:21 pm April 18, 2011 #

  49. Willow

    Comment by CE — 8:22 pm April 18, 2011 #

  50. drop dead fred
    teenage mutant ninja turtle (live action)
    teen witch
    the monster squad

    Comment by A.N.P. — 8:28 pm April 18, 2011 #

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