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Barton Street P-Patch decision: The big birch tree stays

(WSB photo taken last month)
It was a major point of discussion during the first two design meetings for the new P-Patch at 34th SW and SW Barton in Westwood (here’s WSB coverage from Feb. 13 and March 2), and it even came up during Mayor McGinn‘s walking-tour visit two weeks ago: Should the big birch tree that’s on the lot now stay, or should it go? Kate Farley sends word tonight that the decision has been made:

A special session was called for the steering committee of the Barton P-Patch to gather more information on how the gardeners can live compatibly with the birch tree, which will remain on site. Several local arborists donated their time and expertise to form a panel discussion. Included were Mark Harman of Stonehedge Tree Experts, Sean Dugan of Tree Solutions, Joe Markovich from SDOT, and Kyle Henegar, who is with the Washington Park Arboretum. Cass Turnbull from Plant Amnesty and John Hushagen of Seattle Tree Preservation were not able to attend.

The discussion was centered on how to protect the tree, and at the end of the meeting there was agreement that the controversial root barrier should not be installed. As Kyle Henegar said at the end of the meeting, “It just doesn’t get any better than this…these are some of the top tree people in Seattle.” Several ideas for protecting the tree were suggested and will be explored as we go along in the design process, so stay tuned.

The 34th/Barton site, previously Seattle Public Utilities land that wasn’t needed by that department any more, is being turned into a P-Patch courtesy of money from the Parks and Green Spaces Levy that voters approved in 2008. The third and final open community meeting before the garden is built, with a final proposed design to be presented, is scheduled for 1:30 pm Saturday, April 2nd – two weeks from tomorrow – at Southwest Community Center.

Day off from school? Not for Sealth’s World Water Week team

(Photos courtesy Noah Zeichner)
If you drove home past Walking on Logs at the Fauntleroy end of the West Seattle Bridge, you saw their latest theme – a banner and T-shirts for the World Water Week “ideas festival” coming up next Monday through Friday at Chief Sealth International High School.

Important thing to remember: World Water Week kicks off with a big event for the entire community, not just the school – an author, a congressmember, a tribal leader. (More on them in a moment.) Along the bridge this afternoon, on what was an official day off for the school district, young volunteers dressed the sculptures with permission from the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, which is the official permission-granter for that privilege, conferred only on good causes. And earlier, they had an even more-monumental task:

They spent the morning filling water bottles for the Walk for Water next Friday; it will dramatize what millions of people around the world have to go through to get something resembling clean, safe water to their homes and families.

But first, the stage is set for next Monday, and there’s one thing they can’t do without you – fill the Sealth auditorium Monday night for author Robert Glennon‘s 7 pm presentation on “America’s Water Crisis and What to Do About It,” also featuring appearances by Congressmember Jay Inslee and Duwamish Tribe chair Cecile Hansen. There’s a resource fair at 6:15 pm that’ll overflow with information (plus live music and refreshments0, followed by the talk at 7 pm. Here’s the official flyer for the entire evening (all free!).

Earlier Monday, you can get a preview by listening to KUOW (94.9 FM, or you can listen live online at, when Glennon will be interviewed along with Molly Freed, the student leader of the World Water Week project at Sealth (working with social-studies teacher Noah Zeichner, following up on their Aspen Ideas Festival trip last year) – she too was filling water jugs today:

Participants in the Walk for Water will carry the jugs – 1 to 5 gallons, for up to 5 kilometers. More details on that next week – but first, mark your calendar for Monday night, to share the new knowledge that’ll be brought to the community as a school expands its education efforts beyond those who attend each day.

West Seattle stars again in today’s edition of ‘Speeders of the Day’

They didn’t call it that on SPD Blotter this time – instead, the roundup got the headline ‘A Fast Friday’ – but West Seattle and vicinity once again received extra police attention today. They were in the 4700 block of Admiral Way, where SDOT says a signal isn’t warranted, but SPD promised extra patrols; and look, another 84 mph ticket on the West Seattle Bridge:

On Friday, March 18th the Seattle Police Traffic Unit conducted enforcement around the city in accordance with their mission to promote traffic safety through the vigorous enforcement of city and state traffic laws.

In the 4700 block of SW Admiral Way, 12 speeding tickets were issued with a high of 45 mph in the 30 mph zone. Additionally, tickets were issued for no proof of insurance and no front license plate.

The Traffic Unit also worked the area from the 4200 to the 4700 block of 1st Avenue South [map]. Tickets were issued for 67 mph in a 35 zone, 69 mph in a 35 zone and a high of 70 mph in a 35 zone.

The West Seattle Bridge and Highway 99 were also patrolled.

On the West Seattle Bridge, a 45 mph zone, 25 speeding tickets were issued for speeds over 65 mph. Six tickets were issued for speeds over 70 mph, with a high of 84 mph in the 45 mph zone.

On Highway 99, a 50 mph zone, eight tickets were issued for speeds over 70 mph with a high of 75 mph in the 50 mph zone.

All in a day’s work.

4 weeks till ‘Seattle’s 1st Environmental Adventure Race’ in Delridge

March 18, 2011 6:19 pm
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A first-of-its-kind race is coming to West Seattle in four weeks – HP3, on April 16th. We heard first word of it at a community meeting months ago; organizers have been putting it together ever since

HP3’s unique 16-mile Adventure Race crisscrosses the Delridge community and features multiple challenges that will help the Parks Department maintain and upgrade trails in West Seattle parks, including: carrying two 5-gallon buckets of gravel over a series of routes, pushing a wheelbarrow full of mulch and planting trees.

HP3 features an exclusive partnership with the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods & Parks Department, engaging community members, businesses, students and City officials in an event to raise awareness and foster action on environmental issues.

The race consists of two divisions: an Elite Division for experienced, competitive runners and an Open Division for less competitive runners interested in a relay style event. Each division is restricted to 25 teams.

Here’s more about what the race entails; here’s where to sign up.

West Seattle Little League postpones ribbon-cutting for improvements

March 18, 2011 5:16 pm
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West Seattle Little League‘s Opening Day Jamboree is still on schedule for March 26, but WSLL president Mark Terao sends word that the ribboncutting ceremony for their Bar-S Playfield improvements will not happen that same day. “Mother Nature, along with other holdups and delays, put up too many obstacles for us to overcome,” he explained via e-mail. “We will re-evaluate what is needed for completion along with establishing the new timeline for completion so that we can set up a new ribbon cutting date. It is my hope to complete the project within a few weeks.”

Will Seattle put annexation on White Center ballots? New twist

This afternoon at City Hall, a new twist in the ongoing saga of who will eventually annex White Center and the rest of remaining unincorporated North Highline: Instead of deciding whether to give voters in that area a chance to decide this fall if they want to join Seattle, there’s a new push to give Seattle’s council one more year to make up its mind. This afternoon, the council’s Regional Development and Sustainability Committee passed a resolution proposed at the last minute, saying that if the council doesn’t decide by next February to seek a North Highline annexation, they will officially withdraw the city’s longstanding designation of NH as a “potential annexation area.” The resolution goes to the full Seattle council on March 28th. More details on our partner site White Center Now.

Followup: Working for safer West Seattle streets in Lucy’s honor

One week ago, we published the sad story of the hit-run crash that killed Lucy, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever. First we heard from the witness who saw the whole thing, as Lucy and her owner were crossing California SW at Dakota. Then we heard directly from Matt, who was with Lucy when it happened, and almost got hit himself. While there is no word from police on any break in the case, those who told their stories have been working on the pedestrian-safety advocacy they hope might be Lucy’s legacy. We promised a followup. First, the witness e-mailed three City Council members, who, he says, got a fourth involved, which ultimately led him to Seattle City Light to make sure the street light on the southwest corner of that intersection is working. He was also pointed to SDOT to request better signage for the crosswalk.

The witness was also directly in touch with Matt (and wife Sarah), who say they have connected with SDOT’s community traffic liaison, Jim Curtin. They learned Jim, a West Seattleite, had heard about Lucy’s death via WSB, and they wrote:

Jim informed me that the wheels are turning at SDOT and they plan to do a full site visit and evaluation to determine the most appropriate options for making the California/Dakota intersection safer. He indicated that he will be back in touch with me within one to two weeks with recommendations and next steps. Additionally, we briefly discussed potential opportunities for funding if there isn’t a budget for the recommended improvements. Some alternative sources of funds could include the SDOT Neighborhood Street Fund and/or the DON Neighborhood Matching Fund in conjunction with community funding (via fundraiser).

Also, we’ve received a more detailed description of the vehicle involved in the hit-run incident from the Seattle Police Department. The vehicle is a customized dark colored El Camino with possibly aftermarket grill and rims and tinted windows. It would be great if we could ask the community to keep a look out for this vehicle and, if seen, inform the Police. The SW Precinct police officers involved have been incredibly responsive and helpful.

… Please let the community know how much we appreciate all their kind words and thoughts for our family during this difficult time and how fortunate we feel to live in such a wonderful, close-knit community.

We’ll continue to follow up.

Past resident of Japan quake zone, West 5 owner organizing benefit

Updates on West Seattle help for the quake/tsunami survivors in Japan: First, last night we heard back from Karla, who sent out feelers about organizing a peninsula-wide effort. She says she’s gotten a great response so far.

And now – West 5 proprietor Dave Montoure just shared the news that he is organizing local restaurants for a one-night West Seattle benefit.

It’s not just that he, like so many, wants to help with such a horrific tragedy – Dave has ties to the northeastern coastal zone that was hit the hardest, with thousands killed. In a phone conversation a short time ago, he told WSB he’s been to almost every area you’ve seen in quake/tsunami-aftermath coverage on TV, while living in Japan for several years after college, including some of the Iwate Prefecture (similar to a state) areas ravaged by the tsunami, like Miyako. He also lived in the Iwate city of Morioka while working as an English teacher, and has friends still there; he says they’re OK.

Here’s what he’s working on – and if you’re a local restaurateur that would like to be part of it, but haven’t heard from Dave yet, he welcomes your e-mail at Right now, he’s looking at doing this a week from Sunday, March 27th.He’s asking interested participants to come up with some kind of fundraising element – whether it’s a special menu item, a portion of proceeds, it’ll be up to them. They’ll also be expected to publicize the event through all their respective networks. (And yes, Dave is talking with Karla, to see how to synergize their efforts.)

He hasn’t decided yet which relief agency/operation would be the beneficiary; he is talking daily with a friend from Iwate prefecture (comparable to a USA state) who also happens to be an experienced disaster-relief professional with experience in the disaster zones of Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

So if you’re interested in participating as a venue on March 27, get a hold of Dave (who says a few already have signed on, including Feedback Lounge [WSB sponsor]). To be part of the benefit when it happens, by going to one of the venues, watch for more details, which he’ll send out via the West 5 Facebook page (here) and Twitter account (here). We of course will bring you updates too (here as well as on FB, where our page has changed – find it here).

Up a tree, to provide free TLC: Arborists prune Lincoln Park’s oaks

Mark Harman from Stonehedge Tree Experts (WSB sponsor) is among a team of professional arborists spending their morning up in trees today. Not that they don’t spend a lot of their time doing that anyway – but this day is special: It’s an early Arbor Day present to the city, with an estimated $3,000 worth of professional pruning being donated, as the arborists work to carefully prune 10 white oaks in central Lincoln Park. The participants are all arborists who get referrals from Plant Amnesty:

The organization’s dedicated to making sure people know how to properly care for trees, including the right way to prune them. Along with Harman, participants included Renaissance Tree Care‘s John Zehren, Green Tree Care‘s Patrick Storey, Symbiosis Tree‘s Kurt Fickeisen, Apical Tree Care‘s Rodger Groom and Andy Major, Out on a Climb‘s Kathy Holger and crew, The Tree StewardsErick Matteo, and Fluent Tree Pro‘s Alan Lamp.

Stonehedge’s Harman explains that they do a volunteer event like this every year in honor of Arbor Day, but since that time of year is not optimal for pruning, they have to move it up.

Bethany Community Church West Seattle: New WSB sponsor

March 18, 2011 10:05 am
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This morning, we welcome a new WSB sponsor, which per WSB tradition gets the chance to introduce themselves to you: Bethany Community Church West Seattle is a satellite campus of Bethany Community Church ( This community started with an adventurous group of Bethany members from West Seattle who had been commuting to Bethany’s fast-growing original campus near Green Lake, but longed to worship — and be more practically available to serve one another and our neighbors — in our own West Seattle locale. We are excited to publicly introduce ourselves to our West Seattle neighbors and invite you to join us at our open-house worship service this coming Sunday, March 20, at 9:30 am. Children’s programs are available for nursery through 5th grade. Refreshments and a children’s play area will also be available afterward.

Bethany attenders are characterized by the attitude inscripted on an old wooden sign that has been around the church for decades: “ In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” A new attender says, “ I recently moved here from Indiana. I chose to attend Bethany because it is a group of people who are committed to learning, seeking, struggling and hoping together.” Campus Pastor Shonnie Scott says, “Bethany’s mission is to connect people to God, to community and to wholeness. Our strong sense of purpose has grown out of our deepening relationships with Christ, with each other, and with our community. We’ve already engaged in supporting High Point Community Center and Navos Mental Health Solutions, and look forward to participating in Navos’ “ Planting Day” in April. It is our greatest joy to ‘pay forward’ God’s love, grace and transformation — the wholeness we receive through Christ — by actively loving each other and our local community. We’d like that to include you as well!”

Bethany West Seattle gathers every Sunday at 9:30 am at High Point Community Center (6920 34th Avenue SW) for vibrant worship and inspiring biblical teaching, while also providing children with quality programs. Visit Bethany West Seattle’s website for more information about staff, upcoming events, sermons, and a short video of a typical Sunday morning:

We thank Bethany Community Church/West Seattle for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news on WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

West Seattle Friday: Movie night, eco-hike, Youngstown All-Access…

(Look who joined Lincoln Park beachcombers on Thursday! Photo shared by Trileigh Tucker)
NO SCHOOL! No classes in Seattle Public Schools today.

FREE GUIDED ECO-HIKE: Nature Consortium guided eco-hike in West Duwamish Greenbelt, meet at 14th and Holly, 1 pm

FREE MOVIE NIGHT: The Highland Park Improvement Club presents another Movie Night! Doors open at 6:30 pm, movie starts at 7. Popcorn, candy and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. Our movie license does not allow us to publish the movie title, so here’s this month’s hint: Adam Sandler’s 2008 movie for kids. Movies will be shown in the dance hall, with chairs available for seating. Or, bring blankets, pillows, folding chairs (that won’t scratch the floor) and camp out on the floor!

ALL ACCESS AT YOUNGSTOWN: ALL ACCESS Winter 2011 showcase (+ Massive Breakdance Battle presented by Arts Corps)
* 6 pm – 8:30 pm
* Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW
* Free, All- Ages, Open to families and community!
* Massive Breakdance Battle Pre-Lims, Hip Hop Dance, Songwriting, Rock School Showcase, FEEST organic food +knowledge, Hip Hop emcee/music showcase, DIY Fashion
* *Donations for arts programs accepted at the event
Each quarter ALL ACCESS classes end with a showcase, where youth have an opportunity to demonstrate their hard work on stage in the Youngstown theatre, with their families and the community in attendance.

‘DISTRACTED’: The second weekend of the newest production by ArtsWest (WSB sponsor) in The Junction – full details here.

TRAFFIC REMINDERS: Northbound 1st Avenue South will be closed overnight at SW Spokane (under the Spokane Street Viaduct), 8 pm-5 am. And don’t forget that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is scheduled to be closed 6 am-6 pm BOTH days this weekend for its twice-yearly maintenance checkup.

BENEFIT WINE TASTING: As noted here yesterday, Bin 41 in The Junction will donate all proceeds from the $5 fee for its 5:30-7 pm tasting tonight to Japan quake relief.

BRANCHING OUT: 8 am-2 pm, Certified arborists (including WSB sponsor Stonehedge Tree Service‘s Mark Harman) are pruning 10 White Oak trees in Lincoln Park as a gift to the city – they get together annually to celebrate Arbor Day, but explain that time in April would be bad time for pruning, so they’re out today. Plant Amnesty will be there too with information about proper tree care. This is just south of the ballfields.

OPEN HOUSE: Join nurse practitioner Chris Porter, ARNP, for an Open House today at his new clinic, 3623 SW Alaska, 206-937-5747, 12:30 – 6 pm.

ANNEX WHITE CENTER/NORTH HIGHLINE TO SEATTLE? The Regional Development and Sustainability Committee of the Seattle City Council considers whether to move toward a North Highline annexation election this fall, City Hall, 2 pm (here’s the agenda)

SPECIAL SERVICE: At Kol HaNeshamah: Special Friday evening Service beginning at 7:00 p.m. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Fire and to acknowledge the struggles around labor issues occurring in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the US, we will focus on Jewish ethical teachings on labor and the dignity due the laborer during our Shabbat service.

More on the WSB West Seattle Events calendar!

Update: West Seattle apartment fire in 2200 block of SW Holden

(Added 4:53 am: Looking eastbound/downhill on SW Holden at the sizable initial response)
3:34 AM: Fire units are at an apartment complex in the 2200 block of SW Holden (map). Scanner indicates the fire is confined to a single unit in a 3-story building.

3:49 AM UPDATE: Both SW Holden and 22nd SW are blocked; our crew on the scene indicates that the fire is closer to 24th, in terms of a cross-street. No indication of any injuries; we had already heard on the scanner that everyone had gotten out of the building OK, and that the fire is “tapped.” Cameraphone photo added; that’s Ladder 13, out of Highland Park’s Station 11.

CLICK AHEAD FOR MORE OF OUR COVERAGE AS-IT-HAPPENED (including video of battalion chief briefing):Read More

Video: Latin-American music on an Irish holiday at Westside School

March 18, 2011 3:28 am
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Big week for Westside School (WSB sponsor) in Sunrise Heights – the admission letters for next year went out, and a high-energy set of assembly guests came in. Our video catches eight minutes of highlights from the Thursday assembly headlined by Alborada – a musical family from Mexico that has toured to perform at hundreds of schools, entertaining as well as educating. Westside’s David Bergler explained that they book “world music” whenever they can, and in this case, it complements Westside’s Spanish-language instruction, since the group performs in both English and Spanish. (You’ll see a school administrator addressing the kids en Español, too.) P.S. Westside is still taking applications for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade (the latter, as part of its first year of phasing in middle school – they’ll add 7th grade the following year, 8th grade the year after that) – more info here.

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