West Seattle Crime Watch: Latest reports from the inbox

Collected from the inbox in recent days, seven West Seattle Crime Watch reports – two with photos of loot to be on the lookout for (one of those photos is related to a burglary already reported here). It’s all after the jump:

First, a victim in the 4700 block of 23rd SW sent this photo and the following explanation:

On 2-8-2011 a young African American boy riding a pink scooter came onto the property [which has a work crew there] asking for directions to a bus stop with his cell phone out (taking video) and asked the construction worker. The neighbor saw him run out of our garage & ride down the street on a pink scooter with a tool bag.

The next night 02-09-2011, some time in the middle of the night, the thieves knocked in our front door and took ALL the tools, sunset Maui big canvas art, curtain rod, mirrors, cd’s, 24 inch flat screen TV, mint proof set coins, vintage cameras still/film and super 8. As well as many other house things. They parked in the driveway /alley below 4700 block near Pearls Tea, probably a van?? Loaded it up, many trips back and forth. Well lit area too.

Once we put the pieces together, we figured out that it was well planned out in advance and I would hate for this to happen to someone else. I’m attaching a photo of the art because it’s a one of a kind.

From the victims of a break-in in the 9800 block of 42nd SW on February 4, a followup photo:

I wanted to just send a photo (sorry not great quality) of TWO RINGS that were taken from my house. They belonged to my Dad who passed away unexpectedly when I was 26 so they mean a great deal to me. One is a gold man’s wedding band with inscription on the inside of initials and date, and the other is a man’s gold ring with a non-precious GREEN stone (looks black in the photo but it is emerald colored green). If anyone comes across these at a pawn shop or by any other means, I would love to get them back for sentimental reasons. They are both very distinct so please keep your eyes out. Among other things also taken were two pairs of pearl earrings with small diamonds (both from my great grandparents) and a diamond solitaire necklace (about 1/2 carat) on a very dainty chain that belonged to my grandma, a Tiffany heart chain necklace with the inscription “To C, love always D.” The Mac desktop computer, iPad and iPod touch have been reported to the police with serial numbers. The desktop computer being the biggest loss as it had all the photos of my kids. Thanks for any help!

From MB:

Just wanted to put the word out that there was an attempted break-in (Thursday night) around 6:45/7pm at our neighbors’ house in Highland Park (12th, between Cloverdale and Thistle). A neighbor noticed unknown people in the next driveway as he was leaving his own house and knowing no one was home, he decided to turn around and check it out. I don’t know all the details, but he got yet another neighbor guy to help out and after confronting the men and being told they were “just looking at a house,” neighbor 1 called police while neighbor 2 ended up chasing them off. The only damage was to the front gate that the would-be robbers kicked in (not sure why). From what I understand, there was a tall man in his 50s and a younger man in camo pants (both caucasian I believe) and they got away in what was described as a white dodge truck. Not sure if they were looking for tools outside or to ultimately break in. Props to my neighbors for paying attention AND doing something about it! Cops “took a report.” Keep an eye out, people!

From Christian:

On 41st ave SW between Edmunds st & Dawson st, there has been at least 4 car break-ins on the North half of 41st, that I am aware of, 2 of them being my work van & my wife’s Jeep. They stole my wife’s iPod & rummaged through her stuff & they pried open my window of my van to get in but didn’t seem to take anything. The other 2 break-ins involved them breaking the vehicles windows. It seems to be spread out events, not all in the same evening. It doesn’t help that it is pitch black on our part of the block. My neighbor called the city Utilities to see if it was possible to get a street light put in but that didn’t go anywhere. I filled an online police report with SPD … regarding our 2 breakins.

I know it’s not a lot of info but it seems like a strange rash of car prowlers in the area, in a relatively nice area of town (just 2 blocks off The Junction). I used to live off of Delridge, sharing an alley with gov. housing in a kind of sketchy area and never had any trouble with break-ins.

Not far from there, Scott has this report:

Twice in the last three weeks, members of my vanpool have been victimized. We park at the West Seattle bowling alley. The thieves cut out the catalytic converter during the day.

From M:

Last week our neighbor’s home was vandalized between 11am-4:30 pm. Electronics and clothing items were stolen. The address is the 5600 block of 29th Ave SW and SW Findlay. The incident has already been reported to the police but we are concerned as we are new to West Seattle.

From Jon, who suspects he has been cased:

I live on 38th and Hanford in Admiral. At about 12:30pm (Friday) i had someone knock on my door. When I opened it there was a pretty scruffy looking man w/ no teeth in his mid 40’s. he seemed suprised that i opened the door. He started asking me about the car in my driveway (off alley) that’s covered with a tarp. He somehow knew the model etc. He also asked me about an old motorcycle on the side of the house. Both are projects and neither are pretty or valuable. This struck me as odd, so I asked if he was looking for scrap? He said that he was looking for restoration projects etc. … I also do give stuff to the scrappers when they come by as I have lots of broken car parts etc from racing. This wasn’t either of them. After a brief conversation he left out my back gate ?!?! I saw him drive off in the alley, but couldn’t get a plate. About 10 minutes later I was then standing in the kitchen (faces the alley) trying to find the SPD non-emergency # and he drove by again in the alley. This time the other direction and slowly past my house. I wrote his plate down, filed a report with SPD, and will be going to Home Depot for some security upgrades.

-White male, mid 40’s, 6′ 2″, very thin, black hair, black mustache, NO teeth, black ball cap, black south pole jacket, blue jeans. not to be judgemental but looked like a “heavy user”

-late 80’s 2 door hatch, red, black rear window louvres. Nissan, probably a Stanza or Sentra, dark tinted windows. lic. 441-X–

-Before i get butchered by the anti-scrapper campaign I would like to say this. There are two that occasionally come by my house (haven’t seen one in about 4 mos.) They too look pretty rough, but are always polite. They both know that i have a scrap pile and a keep pile, and have never taken anything that wasn’t set out in the scrap pile. (there’s 10x’s as much in the keep pile.) I feel comfortable with those guys and have even let them check out my projects in the garage. I am 100% certain that today’s event was in no way related.

-SPD also said if this happens NOT to bother with the non-emergency #. Call 911. That way the suspect may still be in the area when they arrive.

If you have information about any of the above, contact police. (The non-emergency number, by the way, is close to the top of the Crime Watch page – 206-625-5011.)

14 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Latest reports from the inbox"

  • sophistatiki February 13, 2011 (11:17 am)

    we had a close call on Fri night/ Sat morning. just after 2AM I didn’t get there fast enough to see the perosn but here’s what I think happened. Somone came through my neighbors back gate climbed the fence between the properties and came up onto my back deck. My dog , a 110 lb black German Shepard just happend to be right there looking out the door to the deck. Rufus barked like I’ve NEVER heard him bark before. it was definatly scary. Everyone in the house was up and running towards the back deck as fast as we could. By the time I got outside with my baseball bat they were already back over the fence and out to the alley through the neighbors gate. The neighbor was out there to make sure his gate was secured. We kinda hung out in the dark in the back yard to see if we could spot someone lurking in the alley. There WAS someone there but we could not get a good look. GOOD RUFUS!! I hope that guy crapped his pants!
    time for some booby traps.
    0ne block directly east of Westwood Village

  • MB February 13, 2011 (2:04 pm)

    Thanks for posting!

  • brizone February 13, 2011 (5:11 pm)

    **VERY** good dog Rufus!!!

  • ConcernedCitizenR February 13, 2011 (7:25 pm)

    To the person who had their fathers rings stolen … so sorry, I know how you feel, a very special necklace my husband bought me was stolen soon after he died very suddenly … it’s been 27 years and it still hurts!!

    And from me too! VERY good Dog Rufus!!!

  • Norman February 13, 2011 (7:53 pm)

    I am curious if any one else has had people coming to their house wanting to clean your carpets for free.Friday night around 8:00 a guy showed up at my door with a flier saying they wanted to clean my carpets. My neighbor called and said they were at her house asking the same. I told them no thanks. some one different showed up tonight at seven saying the same thing. I find it to be a bit alarming being its dark and nothing is for free.

  • argonautter February 13, 2011 (8:58 pm)

    In December we had someone come to our house asking to clean the carpets (he’d do the upholstery for free), and he looked a lot like the guy described by Jon above (the scrap metal guy). We called the police and never heard anything further. Sounds like he might still be out there. We live northeast of the Morgan Junction.

  • fiz February 13, 2011 (9:41 pm)

    Christian, we had a prowler, a former employee, who was watching our house from the dark alley. We contacted City Light and had a street light installed on the pole in the alley outside our back door. We paid the monthly fee as part of our light bill for years. If we kept paying the monthly fee and kept the light for a couple of years we didn’t have to pay to have it installed.
    We knew about the service because my dad had one installed in their dark alley years before that. I’d keep trying if I were you.

  • Caren February 13, 2011 (9:44 pm)

    The free carpet cleaners claim to be in a contest to go to Mazatlan, and seem to be very excited about it. Two men showed up on Friday after 8:00PM and then tonight after 6:30PM a lady came by to offer the same thing. When I said I did not have any carpet she offered to re-do my wood floors, when I said they were new she said she would wash the dog, hold the baby whatever! She then let out a burp as she was looking through the door. This is very strange. I think our neighborhood is being cased. The person with her was in a car parked in front of the neighbors house, possibly an older model Jeep Cherokee? Definitely alarming to have people knocking at your door that late at night to do your carpets. Yeah right. Anyone else find this strange?

  • Thuythuythuy February 13, 2011 (11:13 pm)

    There was a lady that came by around 1p today on 26th, offering to clean our carpet for free. It seems too suspicious and she seem persistent. Told her we were not interested. Noticed that she was knocking on the other neighbors house too. Now I wish I would’ve taken a picture of her. I think the vehicle was a beat up beige van.

  • k2 February 14, 2011 (9:37 am)

    i like booby traps.

  • Jon February 14, 2011 (10:33 am)

    -thanks for posting for me WSB!
    -to add. the nieghbor (opposite side of the alley) said he saw the same guy, at the same time wander through the nieghbors back yards. two houses down, then next door, then my house.
    -now upgraded with deadbolts, motion sensors, window/door alarms, signage, back gate lock…Thanks Dad!
    -a quick trip to big 5….I dare ya to come back!

  • Jeff February 14, 2011 (2:54 pm)

    Just a note to you all: If someone comes to your door, grab your iphone or a camera or something and snap a picture of their face when they’re least expecting it. I guarantee that they’ll never come back around and if they are legitimate, they won’t have a problem with it (I had a security alarm company salesman come around, the company website had his picture on it along with his security code on his business card, so I’m guessing that was legit).

    If you don’t have a camera, just state at them until you have their face memorized. Don’t speak while you’re doing this; make it as awkward a silence as possible. If they ask you what you’re doing, tell them that you’re memorizing their face.

    If someone really is casing your house or your neighbor’s house, then they’ll be less likely to return if they know that when a crime is committed, you have their picture.

  • Beth February 14, 2011 (9:00 pm)

    Jeff- you’re my hero! I will do this. I’d love to see their face when I pull out my camera and take their pic. Earning; you come on my property uninvited; tough $#|+! Losers, “Say cheese!”
    Thanks for the idea.

  • Keith February 15, 2011 (11:37 am)

    I ran into a neighbor who lives at 9th and Kenyon. I think it’s still 9th, but might be right where 9th turns into Highland Park way SW. Anyhow- his house is the giant white one that is newly remodeled. He reported that for the second time, someone kicked in his basement door. The first time they made away with some items, and the second time they were stopped by a 2×4 he mounted as a temporary fix from the first time. He didn’t know about the WSB, so thought I’d put mention of it here. He did not see the suspect or have a description..just a warning to keep an eye out and secure basement entry ways.

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