More from the police-report files: Oops x 2 …

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the third weekly installment of this new WSB feature – if you missed the explanation/introduction with which we prefaced the first one, you can see it here.

By Megan Sheppard
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

From reports on cases handled recently by Southwest Precinct officers:

*Two men called 911 late Sunday and said they were trapped inside a locked Avalon Way storage facility. As it turns out, they just didn’t see the “open” button for the roll-up door. Firefighters opened the door from the outside, but one man’s taste of freedom was short-lived: Officers arrested him when a computer check showed he was wanted on a warrant for driving with a suspended license.

*Early Sunday evening, two thieves were likely congratulating themselves for nabbing a compressor and a variety of tools from the bed of a pickup truck parked in Morgan Junction. But karma paid a visit and the pair ended up in a car wreck just blocks away. The culprits managed to escape, but the tools—scattered across the roadway near SW Raymond and Fauntleroy SW — were retrieved by their owner.

10 more reports, ahead:

*In Arbor Heights, a business owner who recently had to terminate employees returned home from a quick trip on the 13th and discovered a rude message painted on her garage door. Someone had also poured paint over the windshield and flattened the tires of a car parked at the home.

*A Beach Drive woman wonders if the man who threw a clear liquid on her windshield during a road-rage incident on the viaduct is the same person who spray painted her car and fence overnight on Tuesday the 12th.

*Late Thursday, a highly intoxicated 57-year-old man was causing disturbances at two Admiral-area businesses. When a records check showed that he was under supervision by the Department of Corrections, he was booked into King County Jail for violating the terms of his release (drinking alcohol). He was also trespassed from the businesses.

*Officers responding to a Westwood domestic violence incident early Friday encountered a trashed apartment and a drunk, irrational woman. She also matched the description of a woman who robbed a cab driver earlier in the evening and then ran into the same building. Escorted to the back seat of the patrol car, the woman began screaming and cursing. She was transported to Harborview for a mental evaluation.

*Friday evening, several citizen at the Alaska Junction reported that a man was standing in the middle of the street, throwing up. Officers stopped him as he climbed behind the wheel of a car. A records check showed he was wanted on a DUI misdemeanor warrant for $5,000. He was booked into King County Jail.

*A special-needs high school student punched an assistant teacher three times in the face and spat on another on Tuesday. According to the report, several previous assaults had gone unreported. The school became the third one this year to expel the young man.

*Two children walking home from school were bit by two loose dogs, described in the report as pit bulls, in the 8800 block of S. Henderson on Wednesday. One had three punctures to the left arm and a puncture wound on his buttocks. The other had scratches on her arms. One dog was captured, and an investigation is ongoing.

*Two men and a woman, all from the Puyallup area, were seen shooting up in a pharmacy parking lot on 35th SW on Friday evening. After spotting officers, they tried to conceal something, and an approaching officer spotted fresh blood spatter on the driver’s door. The three denied using or having any needles in the car, even as officers observed two loaded syringes in plain sight. One of the men was arrested for an outstanding theft warrant and has had six recent felony convictions for drug dealing and weapons violations. The other two were identified and released.

*On Friday, a Good Samaritan called 911 from the Westcrest Off-Leash Area to report a woman who seemed confused and possibly in distress. Officers found a 44-year-old sitting on the ground with her dog. Claiming to be “lost in time,” she began a rambling discourse about time travel and conspiracies. She directed officers to her car in the parking lot. It was filled with trash and some dog feces. The woman’s dress was soiled as well. She said she didn’t want to go to Harborview, but she was compliant when an ambulance came for transport. Her dog was turned over to Animal Control. A records check showed that officers had visited the woman’s home in July and taken her to Harborview for the same type of concerns.

*Ahh, the strong smell of marijuana from a passing out-of-state car that didn’t have license tabs. That was enough for the officer to pull the vehicle over near Fauntleroy and 35th on Sunday afternoon. One side of the conversation (paraphrased) went something like this: “Yeah, it’s true, officer, we were smoking a blunt and had the windows down so that Dad — Hey Dad, where’s your seat belt​? — wouldn’t smell like dope when I dropped him off at work. Oh. The license tabs? Well, I just bought the car and haven’t registered it yet. License? No. Mine is suspended. Dad doesn’t have a license either. Yeah, my old man….He’s got a couple of non-extraditable felony warrants from the east coast….just a little domestic violence and drug manufacturing …. Speaking of drugs, ya know, I got pulled over just last week driving through Salem, Oregon. Darned if they didn’t find the seven pounds of pot I was transporting from California …. Sure, you can search the car.” (Officers found no additional drugs, but since the driver was unlicensed, he had to lock and leave the car and find a different means of transportation for his passengers and himself.)

Till this feature gets a name (and therefore an archive category) of its own (someday!), we’ll link it on the WSB Crime Watch page, so you can catch it there if you miss it in the main news stream. We’re publishing a new installment either Monday or Tuesday night each week.

2 Replies to "More from the police-report files: Oops x 2 ..."

  • Matt Durham October 20, 2010 (8:44 am)

    I’m so happy to be able to read Megan’s column on the WSB.
    This wonderful addition of proffesional journalism.
    Several years I had the privilege of working with Megan on the West Seattle Herald. She is the utmost professional, fun and kind.
    Matt Durham

  • HolyKow October 20, 2010 (10:14 am)

    I particularly enjoy her ability to be appropriate when there is a serious victim and when they are just stupid people doing stupid things:

    Pot/car/window/dad/warrant/drug search/ – light hearted writing…

    Other issues with people dealing with mental issues or other serious conditions and/or situations…respect and facts.



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