Seal Sitters guarding pup at Lincoln Park – please give it space

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)
ORIGINAL 5:03 PM REPORT: We’ve just received multiple reports (thank you!) that Seal Sitters are guarding a pup at Lincoln Park. If you happen to see it, please keep far, far away (binoculars can facilitate viewing from a safe distance) – the Seal Sitters’ blubberblog site is full of good reasons why, like this story about a pup forced back into the water at Alki on Friday because people wouldn’t steer clear, and this one about a pup scared back into the water at Lincoln Park a few days earlier. As Seal Sitters pointed out in that second story, if the pup wasn’t weaned and its mom couldn’t find it in the water, it would die. If you see a seal (of any age) on a West Seattle beach, call 206-905-SEAL as soon as you can.

ADDED 10:25 PM: In addition to the photo we added above, Christopher Boffoli also shares video – don’t worry, NOT shot from as close as it looks!

MONDAY MORNING P.S. We are reminded that for anyone who considers disregarding the Seal Sitters – harassing seals is against federal law, period, and you don’t have to take their word for it – here’s a reminder from the source. And there’s now an update on this pup, posted on the Seal Sitters’ “blubberblog” – they’ve nicknamed it Storm because of yesterday’s playoff game. MONDAY NIGHT: Storm’s now being helped by PAWS – and Seal Sitters are dealing with a new pup at Lincoln Park, nicknamed Swimmy. Here’s the Seal Sitters’ blubberblog update.

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  • ltfd September 5, 2010 (10:53 pm)

    One of my coworkers almost stepped on a baby seal the other night- on the swimstep of the fireboat. He didn’t see it in the dark when he went out to check on a piece of equipment. Fortunately, it didn’t flinch and just stayed put.

  • S September 5, 2010 (11:25 pm)

    nice video. What a cute little one.

  • P September 6, 2010 (5:14 am)

    I’m one of the SealSitters who was there with the pup. So many terrific West Seattleites and visitors are grateful and respectful of these babies’ need for quiet space in which to rest.

    But I’m always astonished when people get angry at us for protecting these little creatures. When we politely asked one man to step further away from the seal pup, he angrily told us “I hear you” while staying right where he was. A woman made her young daughter step inside the barrier to get a closer look in spite of our explaining that this stresses pups, then told her to “get away from those ladies” (us). But all we’re trying to do is protect a vulnerable baby!

    It’s always wonderful when thoughtful passersby help us out by being respectful of the seals (and the law), and by educating others about this need. Thanks, WSB!

  • miws September 6, 2010 (9:01 am)

    Thank you, P, and all of the other Seal Sitters for what you do.


    It’s bad enough when some people are so self entitled that they expect retail and sevice employees to bend or break the rules for them.


    But, it burns me even more, to see volunteers such as yourself, working for a great cause, being ignored and treated rudely. Even worse when these thoughtless jerks act this way in front of their kids, and worse than that, use their kids as pawns such as that one woman.



  • EileneHutchinson September 6, 2010 (9:31 am)

    Thanks to all the supportive folks, the West Seattle Blog, the readers and posters on this Blog, passers-by near the seal pups (but keeping a respectful distance), and volunteers (official and unofficial) who stand guard.


    The diversity of wildlife in our city never fails to amaze me: the bald eagles, osprey (sea-hawks), migrating ducks and cormorants, Canada geese (some of which live here year round) and Brandt, and harbor seals and sea lions.


    Thank you for the links to Seal Sitters for information on our seals, it is always interesting to learn more about them.


    And thanks to Christopher Boffoli for his video of the seal pup in its more “active” moments :).

  • Gina September 6, 2010 (11:28 am)

    Early Friday morning I was walking the beach by the lighthouse, and saw a marker by the corpse of a very thin seal pup. The tide was coming in rapidly. That may be the same pup that was on Alki, and forced in the water. With sad result.

    I saw some kayakers learn to paddle very quickly on the same day. They went right up to the buoy where the sea lions lounge near the Water Taxi dock. Sea lions did not like that. They sure can jump in the water fast.

  • Cheryl September 6, 2010 (12:23 pm)

    I do not understand why people would insist on harassing ANY wild animal, let alone a baby seal. But then, these are probably the same people that insist on harassing animals in a zoo. Pigs.

  • mehud7 September 6, 2010 (10:26 pm)

    I have seen the same behavior from people in the cat rescue work I do. It seems like some people have no empathy–everything is just there for them to look at, poke, make fun of, etc. It is even worse when they are training their children to have the same lack of empathy and sense of entitlement.

    Keep up the great work Seal Sitters!

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