West Seattle Night Out, report #3: Neighborhood portraits

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One last roundup of photos from Night Out – which, given the many groups of 40/50/more we saw as well as heard about, had thousands of West Seattle participants. All but the last 2 of these photos are by Christopher Boffoli, who went to a few north/central parties to which we’d been invited – then roamed and found more – and gathered neighbors for a group shot at each one. Top photo is from one of the biggest parties, 48th/Dawson, which also had a bike parade:

For the next image, Christopher explains: “47th between Edmunds and Hudson were holding up signs that read
Get Well Betty’ in honor of neighborhood fixture Betty Broughton who was instrumental in planning the block party but who unfortunately was admitted to the hospital (earlier in the day) and could not be there”:

Also west of The Junction, Christopher found a party at Ercolini Park:

49th SW, between Oregon and Genesee:

46th SW, between Genesee and Dakota:

On 40th SW, between Dakota and Genesee:

From that same party, two of the neighborhood kids:

39th, between Dakota and Andover:

Between Beach Drive and the north end of Genesee Hill, you’ll find Hillcrest, whose neighbors have a party so big, there’s even a bouncer for the kids:

Now on to Admiral, where this party was on 46th SW between Hill and Walker:

42nd, between Hanford and Hinds:

And in Alki, from 61st SW between Spokane and Hinds:

Again, all the above photos were by Christopher Boffoli; the next two are from Jason Grotelueschen, at 40th and Hinds, who says their party drew about 50 people: “In the group photo, several of us are lined up from “longest time on the block” on the left (Earl & Sylvia win the prize at 45 years) to “shortest time on the block” (2.5 months) on the right”:

Earl, he notes, sported his name tag in this spot for a while:

P.S. If you’re a Block Watch captain anywhere in WS – make sure you have joined up with the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains’ Network!


  1. On 45th between Admiral and Stevens–

    2 bouncy houses for the kids!

    24 hours notice that the block party was getting together, but it sounded like it was fun.

    I would like to commend my street (listed above) for keeping shrubbery and such trimmed back enough so that houses and numbers are visible and sidewalks are walkable. I see so many homes in West Seattle that a walk past requires a machete, and I really appreciate the working people that have children and a couple jobs making the effort, along with the elderly and the average folk.

    Kudos to SoAd!

    Comment by Gina — 8:09 am August 4, 2010 #

  2. Nice bike photo of the kids. Where are their helmets?

    Comment by Bonnie — 8:11 am August 4, 2010 #

  3. Such wholesum family fun. What a perfect little world we live in right here in W.S.

    Comment by toodles — 8:12 am August 4, 2010 #

  4. Really fun block party! So great to see all our neighbors.

    Comment by DanetteJ — 8:37 am August 4, 2010 #

  5. Bonnie: The kids weren’t riding just then, only posing. In fact, they were still in the process of covering every non-moving part on their little bikes with bows and garlands. But they dutifully mustered for a photo.
    A huge THANK YOU to all of the very kind and friendly people I met last night who, without exception, welcomed me to their block and were patient while I gathered everyone for pictures.

    Comment by cjboffoli — 9:47 am August 4, 2010 #

  6. I went for a run last night, and went by no less than 4 block parties in my neighborhood. It was great to see all the neighbors and families gathered. I wasn’t aware of the event as our block doesn’t have a watch set up…yet. I have to say I had a bit of block envy!

    It made me realize how desperately we need a block watch. After 3+ break-ins over the last several months, you’d think we’d come together and get organized already!

    Comment by Blockwatchless in West Seattle — 11:02 am August 4, 2010 #

  7. Love the portrait photos this year. We had another great party with many longtime residents and new friends.

    Comment by Kelly — 11:56 am August 4, 2010 #

  8. Great pictures.I have blockwatch envy too! Looks like everyone had fun.

    Comment by Mags — 4:03 pm August 4, 2010 #

  9. Fauntlee Hills had a GREAT time… am loving all the pictures that everyone has shared. Thanks WSB!

    Comment by Cheryl — 4:51 pm August 4, 2010 #

  10. @blockwatchless in west seattle contact Benjamin Kinlow at the Seattle Gov website and he will get you all set up!! We had a fun night with our neighbors, even though the fire truck went zooming by us again for the the 6th year in a row!! I realize they have alot of stops but these little boys were just aching to see them!!

    Comment by Silly Goose — 6:30 pm August 4, 2010 #

  11. Darn I would’ve been in the picture but I had to clean my room out for painting this weekend. Awwww. All my neighbors! :D

    Comment by Regina — 11:53 am August 5, 2010 #

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