West Seattle Crime Watch: Another Admiral smash-grab break-in

August 9, 2010 at 10:33 am | In Crime, West Seattle news | 34 Comments

For the second morning in a row, an Admiral District business has been hit by a smash-and-grab burglary. Early Sunday, as reported here, it was Luciano’s Pizza; around 2:40 am today, it was Admiral Shoe Repair (on the south side of Admiral just east of California), where the covered-over door was a telltale sign. Southwest Precinct Lt. Norm James confirms that both are the type of break-in that has hit West Seattle now at least 10 times in less than a month (plus areas to the south handled by the King County Sheriff’s Office); he says detectives are out right now “looking at video” and checking on other evidence. (Thanks to Katie for the tip.)


  1. The shoe repair place, like the one next to what used to be Revolution Coffee? What could they possibly think they could find there? $5? $10? Between the shoe place and Luciano’s change jar they might have caused $500 in damage (maybe more) and not stolen enough money to buy a decent 6 pack. Only thing worse than a vandal and thats really dumb vandal

    Comment by Carson — 10:37 am August 9, 2010 #

  2. Yes – sorry, didn’t realize the photo didn’t show when I first published this – it makes the location clear – TR

    Comment by WSB — 10:50 am August 9, 2010 #

  3. Meth is a hell of a drug

    Comment by HelperMonkey — 10:52 am August 9, 2010 #

  4. does this mean us small business owners need to start sleeping at work like the business owners did in Greenlake when they had the arsonist running aroud up there????

    Comment by coffee — 10:58 am August 9, 2010 #

  5. Ah ~ so you believe it’s drug related?… I guess it is the only thing that makes sense.

    Comment by Joyce — 11:02 am August 9, 2010 #

  6. More time policing crime, Less time watching for (ticketing) minor infractions (j-walking, speed traps)! 3 squad cars at a fender bender while our businesses get bulglarized at night…

    Comment by chicago transplant — 11:05 am August 9, 2010 #

  7. This is not good…summer time people seem to have more time to do bad things. Coincidentally, I was planning to take my shoes in this morning…

    Comment by JGM — 11:10 am August 9, 2010 #

  8. this is getting ridonkulous.

    Comment by Bianca — 11:15 am August 9, 2010 #

  9. Maybe we as West Seattlites and business owner should have a “take back the night” or early mornings as this is when these crimes seem to happen. I know we just had the “night out ” event but I feel we need to do something. I cannot read another one of these posts!

    Comment by RJB — 11:30 am August 9, 2010 #

  10. How sad!

    Comment by Noelle — 11:40 am August 9, 2010 #

  11. Anyone look at the monthly crime statistics for West Seattle? There is a constant crime spree in motion here. These businesses are only the most visible.

    Comment by CB — 11:47 am August 9, 2010 #

  12. I’m sorry to bring it up again but media at this point just absolutely has to give this night smasher some catchy nickname. Come on, at least 10th time? I think the bandit definitely has to qualify for a nickname by now! What are the guidelines?

    Comment by Baba — 11:48 am August 9, 2010 #

  13. The people who are doing this are most likely drug addicts… where it wouldn’t matter much what they got, as long as they got something.

    Comment by michele — 12:00 pm August 9, 2010 #

  14. Also…I think RJB has a great idea! Obviously the police aren’t getting much done – why don’t business owners do a few stakeouts!!!

    Comment by michele — 12:08 pm August 9, 2010 #

  15. this is what happens when people have no money and there are no jobs to be found…. this will get worst before it gets better

    Comment by Pauline — 12:09 pm August 9, 2010 #

  16. You could have 20 cops working the overnight and not catch the guy or just 1 who gets lucky at the right time. Good video security systems are a cheap and easy way to get started!

    Comment by Carson — 12:14 pm August 9, 2010 #

  17. Baba, hate to tell you this, but catchy names for crime sprees fell out of favor about the time I left TV (almost 3 years now). Feel free to coin your own, though! They tended to be linked to bank-robbery cases, in which there were usually visuals, and either law enforcement or media seized on some aspect of what the suspect looked like and/or was wearing. No such publicly released visuals in this, yet.

    Comment by WSB — 12:17 pm August 9, 2010 #

  18. I totally disagree with the any kind of citizen night patrolling whatsoever. We pay taxes to the Big Gov.for police. It’s their job! It’s like there was some chatter about ordinary citizens picking up trash at Alki and putting it in their homes garbage bins… When there are “specially trained individuals” getting paid $19h with bennies to do that job. Gov. is broke you might reply. Sorry folks, but I’ve payed my tabs share.
    The only thing we can do is vote in November…and vote and vote, and vote…

    Comment by Baba — 12:29 pm August 9, 2010 #

  19. Some glass repair company is loving West Seattle

    Comment by waman — 12:49 pm August 9, 2010 #

  20. Thanks WSB! I hope they release photos from that Shoe repair video soon!

    Comment by Baba — 1:01 pm August 9, 2010 #

  21. Oh I can think of a name for the theif(ves) but it’s not printable!!! I think sleeping in your shop could be dangerous so be careful if you do! Also, for the guy who said video is cheap … maybe for you but I looked into it and it isn’t cheap!!!!

    Comment by Can\'t believe it!! — 1:59 pm August 9, 2010 #

  22. Cheaper than a new window. I doubt it will stop anyone, but it might help catch them!


    Comment by Carson — 2:35 pm August 9, 2010 #

  23. You can buy a night-vision camera and digital recorder for less than what it would cost you to replace a window. Of course thats the do-it-yourself version, but its not all that complicated to do. It amazes me there is still not one good picture of this guy.

    Comment by Carson — 2:47 pm August 9, 2010 #

  24. @Carson, one of my distant relatives is in the video surveilance business. He can hardly make ends meet. Crime is up, surveilance business is down. Go figure?!
    Plus i think there is still no guarantee that after paying for the video equipment business owner still will not end up paying for the window…:(

    Comment by Baba — 3:50 pm August 9, 2010 #

  25. start sitting in your buisness at night with a gun and blast them all over the sidewalk and maybe crooks will think twice

    Comment by barry — 4:52 pm August 9, 2010 #

  26. Baba, maybe your distant relative is hurting because its so easy to buy online and do yourself. I don’t think it will ever offer a guarantee, but if a few have them, eventually they will get a picture of the perp/

    Comment by Carson — 5:47 pm August 9, 2010 #

  27. Carson, it may be easy for you! But I’m telling you it ISN’T easy for most of us!!!! And you may have cash on hand to buy a new window (camera etc) but I don’t!! Insurance has a big deductible $500. and if a camera that won’t mean bunk in court cost that much just buying it, it’s not worth it!

    Comment by Fellow Citizen — 6:53 pm August 9, 2010 #

  28. 20 cops patrolling California = deterrent. You might not catch them but you’d make them think twice…and at least you’d improve the odds of catching them. But then again, why do something hard…

    Comment by michael burke — 7:03 pm August 9, 2010 #

  29. 20 cops patrolling California – why don’t we just install martial law?

    Comment by Baba — 8:04 pm August 9, 2010 #

  30. FC,

    Super Circuits dot com. If you have a retail store in WS I will install it for you! yes, its still going to run $500, or close enough. Not sure it will deter, but it might!

    Comment by Carson — 8:07 pm August 9, 2010 #

  31. Has anyone thought about a glass company revenue here?

    Comment by ARE YOU KIDDING? — 9:31 pm August 9, 2010 #

  32. There was a window company in the south that got caught “staging” smash and grab robberies just to increase their sales.
    Everyone seems so sure about what’s going on here. It could be drugs, kids, drunks, punks, the bored elderly, a window company, or security company, or many other possibilities.

    Comment by Dissapointed — 10:37 am August 10, 2010 #

  33. I hope some of these businesses had alarm systems and video surveillance. It makes it much easier for the police when you can hand them video footage. We specialize in alarm and video surveillance systems, and we are a WSB sponsor. If anyone has questions regarding video surveillance or alarm systems for home or business please contact me. 206.229.8075 or ksawka@freedomsystemsinc.com

    Comment by Keith — 11:10 am August 10, 2010 #

  34. This has happened so many times now, it does make me wonder where are the cops? They know it is happening within certain hours of the night. It seems like they’d have a few extra patrols that would catch ‘em in the act by now.

    Comment by ttt — 10:21 pm August 10, 2010 #

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