West Seattle Crime Watch: The latest reader reports

While we’re devoting much of the day to West Seattle Summer Fest coverage, the other news will go on. We’ll keep this story ongoing for any non-breaking Crime Watch reports that need to be added during the day. First one comes from Mary in Seaview, who sent the photo at left, explaining, “I just want to report that our car was vandalized, probably last night. We saw some orange paint that had been sprayed on a white fence on 49th last night as we walked home from Morgan Junction, then discovered that our car and a neighbor’s car had also been sprayed with a line of orange paint. I did report it to police.” Morgan Junction also is the location of another report from an incident Wednesday night – read on (also added, possible casing on Puget Ridge):

From Brooks:

Had an issue (Wednesday) night here on 41st and Morgan (in the alley between 41st and 40th where the condos are). There was a man (20s-ish) lingering by our neighbor’s alley-facing fence/garage. One of our neighbors saw this activity and asked if the ‘individual’ needed any help. There was some shoegazing and mumbling in response to that question…then he responded that he was fixing his bike…in the pitch dark alley….So our neighbor made it very clear that he was going to stand there and wait for this person to do their thing and be off. Eventually he ‘fixed his bike’ and proceeded up Morgan and turned down the next dark alley he could find. The neighbor called the non-emergency line, no answer, and left a message regarding the incident. (Thursday), he flagged down a cop and detailed the situation with him. The officer pulled up a picture and asked if this was the guy. Dark alley and all, but it fit the description to a T. This kid that the officer showed the neighbor was a known petty thief that has been working the Morgan and Alaska areas for the past 4 years. The cops indicated that he usually has 2-3 friends that run with him and he carries a back pack and rides a bike (that apparently ‘breaks down’ in dark alleys near potential targets…). As it warranted a call to the cops, thought I would pass it on.

(added) From Crystal:

I just wanted to mention that I saw a couple of teenage/early 20 looking boys walking around my neighborhood (north of SCCC) looking in people’s windows this afternoon. They did walked away quickly when I said something to them, but still, it was in broad daylight. I don’t think they were actively trying to break in to any of the homes I saw them looking in, but they were definitely suspicious. I am assuming they were looking for open windows. Just a reminder that even though it is tempting in this heat, windows should be closed when people are gone and sleeping. Unfortunately some people use the heat as an opening for crime, remember it was this time last year and during heat like this that the South Park incident happened.

Again, though police are now reporting more “incident types” online, most of the reports are not ever updated with publicly available details, so if you have information to share, here’s how.

10 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: The latest reader reports"

  • JayDee July 9, 2010 (12:14 pm)

    To whomever was unlucky enough to get spray-painted: Use rubber gloves, lacquer thinner and a sacrificial rag and that orange spray paint will lift right off onto the rag. Porous surfaces are tougher to treat but this paint will fade faster than enamel.

  • miws July 9, 2010 (12:27 pm)

    I would urge anyone that sees this individual acting suspiciously in their neighborhood to call 911, as opposed to the non-emergency number, now that we know the Police are aware of him.


    If an Officer(s) readily available, perhaps they could get there in time to “help” this guy with his “broken down” bike.


    They’re well aware of who he is, but I suppose are powerless to do anything unless he’s actually caught in the act. Even so, if the Police can give him enough talkings to, and let him know they are closely monitoring him, maybe his bike will eventually be “fixed”, and he can ride off into the sunset.



  • Mike July 9, 2010 (12:52 pm)

    Do NOT use lacquer thinner on automobile paint, it’ll remove your clear coat and underlying paint, eventually making a far worse issue for a far more expensive fix.

    More than likely, you can use some basic auto detailing to remove that, especially if it’s pretty recent and not baked by the sun.

  • M July 9, 2010 (2:27 pm)

    I agree with Mike, you CAN use paint thinner but I would just drive it to a carwash and then attack what’s left with rubbing compound followed by wax

    Hey guess one reason to never wash your car!!!

  • birdgeek July 9, 2010 (3:01 pm)

    re: the orange paint on 49th street. crap! i recognize that paint… it was on the sidewalk in front of my house this morning. i thought it a random spot for the city to slate a repair. sigh. and i recognize that van, lives at the end of my block. sorry neighbor. guess i’ll call in the sidewalk paint to the non-emergency line… grrrr.

  • Willow July 9, 2010 (6:14 pm)

    Yes, several of the Block Watches in 35th-Morgan-Alaska junction areas keep an eye on this guy. He is one, if not the prime suspects for area house burglaries, grew up in the neighborhood, is now homeless and either sleeps at friends’ houses or hides outside. He often rides the bike, or walks around with his girlfriend or other friends – all kids who have been causing trouble here for many years. Our block calls 911 as soon as we see him circulate the block a couple of times. He has been arrested for something ridiculous like 16 – 18 times, the police is equally frustrated, it’s the legal system which let’s him out time after time, so there are no consequences to his petty criminal behavior. Don’t be fooled by his pleasant looks or quiet demeanor, call the police If anything suspicious seems to be taking place. Thanks!

  • David July 9, 2010 (6:34 pm)

    Sorry JayDee, but using lacquer thinner is not good advice. Unless you want to remove your car paint as well. You may be able to peel it off depending on what type of paint he used. If not, take it to a professional detailing place.

  • JayDee July 10, 2010 (11:07 pm)

    Sorry for the misguided advice — I find it works for graffiti on metal enamel painted signs. Spray paint in general will come off easily from most paints. Perhaps using paint cleaning clay would work better. My bad.

  • Allen July 11, 2010 (10:59 pm)

    How about posting pictures of these hoodlums. Or a detailed description. If he is out and about during the day with his girlfriend spending money from robberies, take his picture and post it.

    These kids don’t warrant being able to enjoy freedom from prying eyes. I think he deserves being recognized as a bandit, as he seems to have chosen that life style.

  • Digidoll July 12, 2010 (1:36 pm)

    Poor Westie! Hope you got him cleaned up! Hate to see fellow Vanagons get marred…

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