Update: 2-car crash, with one flipped, at 29th/Trenton

(Thanks to Fritz for sending the photo)
On our way to the “heavy rescue” call at 29th/Trenton (map). Details as soon as we have them. 6 PM UPDATE: This is a two-car crash, one a flipped red SUV, the other a damaged black Volvo station wagon, according to our crew on scene. Looks like responders are tending to at least two people. 6:17 PM UPDATE: Police say it looks like one of the vehicles may have run the stop sign; they’re also checking on whether alcohol played a role. Both victims are being taken to hospitals by private ambulance, and no major injuries are reported. A dog was in one of the cars and got out OK but was so upset it bit a firefighter’s hand; the firefighter was treated at the scene. Fire vehicles will be clearing but Trenton is closed at that spot until the wreckage is cleared.

8:28 PM: The scene is long since clear, but we are adding that photo of the dog, and the following video with general scenes from the incident, both by Christopher Boffoli:

16 Replies to "Update: 2-car crash, with one flipped, at 29th/Trenton"

  • dave April 1, 2010 (6:18 pm)

    Must not have been too exciting because these cars didn’t meet a building, because the news chopper took off within 10 min of arriving.

  • Jamie April 1, 2010 (8:16 pm)

    wow, have you guys had a busy day in Westwood! Let’s hope you are done there for the day.

  • Mile April 1, 2010 (8:22 pm)

    Are we having lots more of these accidents now, especially the ones requiring “heavy rescue” with upturned vehicles, usually an SUV, or does it just seem that way to me?

    • WSB April 1, 2010 (8:25 pm)

      Mile – they seem to go in fits and spurts. Things will be quiet for a long time, then suddenly a day like today with two. Past couple weeks overall have certainly been busier – including the Admiral fatality, preceded by a flipped car on Delridge the night before that … TR

  • FabulousEm April 1, 2010 (8:43 pm)

    I live just a couple houses from this intersection. It’s a frequent accident zone. A lot of people run the stop signs.

  • Jim April 1, 2010 (8:57 pm)

    An SUV is liable to tip over avoiding a squirrel let alone a heavy well built Volvo. They tend to be top heavy. Note the SUV is on its left side. If it had been a car, it either wouldn’t have rolled, or it would have landed on the right hand side of the vehicle.

  • xo April 1, 2010 (10:32 pm)

    Cute dog glad he is ok -hope his owner is too.

  • ssarah April 2, 2010 (7:05 am)

    looks like a new doggy day care. Doggy cop care.
    That is the way I go to the dog park. I go slow thinking a person or animal is going to run out in front of me. A guy commented at the Dog Park >U drive slow> when he was behind me. I hope everyone dog, people, and firman are ok.

  • sam April 2, 2010 (8:05 am)

    I never knew that some SUV’s stored their spares on the underside of the car.

    hope everyone and every dog are ok.

  • KatherineL April 2, 2010 (8:08 am)

    What happened to the dog if the people in both cars went to the hospital?

    • WSB April 2, 2010 (8:10 am)

      Toward the end of Christopher’s video, you see the dog getting into the police car. We don’t know where they were taking it but we’ll see if we can find out.

  • WSB April 2, 2010 (10:40 am)

    Update: Christopher says they were taking the dog home. Its owner (I don’t know the relation to anyone involved in the crash) was described as elderly and unable to drive to the scene to pick it up. – TR

  • velo_nut April 2, 2010 (11:52 am)

    Slow down A$$h#les!!!!

  • drb April 2, 2010 (1:46 pm)

    Yah, I’m with you…slow the heck down everybody. When will you get it that you won’t get anywhere all that much faster by speeding…(and sometimes you don’t get there at all as this proves)

  • KM April 2, 2010 (2:20 pm)

    I have two dogs that frequently ride in the car with me and I’ve often wondered what the policy was for them if I ever got in a crash requiring me to be sent away in an ambulance. Is it common for the police to take care of them/drop them off at home for us or are they typically sent to the pound until I would be able to pick them up?

  • bangles April 2, 2010 (4:14 pm)

    If this is a frequent accident site, the city should consider something in addition to stop signs. Just sayin’.

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