Officer Jason McKissack: Hearing set for bill; fundraiser update

Two updates in the story of Jason McKissack, the Seattle Police officer viciously attacked during a West Seattle call more than a year and a half ago, and still not recovered enough to work, but losing medical benefits because state law does not cover “catastrophic disability.” Since we reported Tuesday on the Seattle Police Officers Guild news conference (left) in which he and others spoke in support of EHB 1679 — state legislation reintroduced this year to fix the situation — a public hearing has been set: Next Monday, 3:30 pm, House Ways and Means Committee. West Seattle Rep. Eileen Cody is on that committee; here’s how to contact her; here’s the full list of committee members. A message on the Support Officer Jason McKissack” Facebook group says the hearing will be short “but we need all the help we can get … to show the level of public support for this legislation.” The John L. O’Brien Building at the State Capitol (map) is where to be. Meantime, the next local fundraiser for Officer McKissack’s medical expenses is karaoke at Goldie’s in Georgetown at 9 pm tomorrow. Karaoke host Willie Murderface, a longtime West Seattle resident, organized it and has rounded up raffle prizes from businesses including Skylark Cafe (WSB sponsor), Cherry Consignment, Full Tilt Ice Cream, C and P Coffee, Proletariat Pizza, Pegasus Pizza, Pagliacci Pizza, Envy on Alki, Alki Beach Tattoo, Via Tribunali, Club Motor. Here’s Willie’s event page for this.

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  • Joe mullis January 24, 2010 (5:25 am)

    Kudos to my good friend and karaoke counterpart ~ Willie murderface of goldies on airport way for bringing the situation and cause of Jason McKissack to my attention! Kudos to WSB and Q13 for bringing this to our attention! Kudos to Tracy Dart, Justin Cline, goldies on airport way and all who contributed in any way, shape or form to the cause! You all rock!!!

    We really need to take care of the people that take care of us! Giving up a days wage to me seems like a drop in the bucket for someone that protected and served the good people of west Seattle, and for that matter, the entire city of Seattle as an officer of the spd for 9 years! I only wish that we could find 220 other people that felt the same way as WMF and I do and could give up a days wage for this cause… As that would probably carry Jason McKissack and his family until 1/1/11. When I assume HB 1679 will become law and they wont have to worry about medical expenses anymore. But as I’m sure, with the lagging redundancy of government they will have to wait until then and get by on the skin of their teeth… Scraping along with the reduced pension he is receiving from spd as his only income to contribute to his family’s needs.

    I went through 4 years of high school and knew Tim Brenton personally. The officer who was slain on Halloween 09 and when I heard of officer McKissack’s and his family’s situation, I had the same knots in my stomach and crazy heart in my throat feeling I had when I heard about Tim. My first thought was… Had Tim made it through that night with a catastrophic injury would he be in the same situation as Jason and his family? And as I got more information, the answer was a resounding… Yes!.. It took a long time for those knots in my stomach to go away!

    This is just not right… I am more than happy to do what little I can for Jason and his family! It’s the right thing to do! For most it doesn’t hit as close to home as it did for me but I wish more people felt as strongly about this and thought about it as much as I have over the last week!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jason McKissack, Kim McKissack and their two children in this trying time for them! I hope with all my heart things turn around and work out for them the way they should/need to ASAP!!!

    “Karaoke” Joe Mullis

    And don’t forget folks, If you couldn’t make it out to the fundraisers for whatever reason but would still like to contribute to officer McKissack and his family you can do so directly by mailing a check for any amount to;
    2949 4th Ave South
    Seattle, WA 98134
    Subject line: Jason McKissack fund

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