Followup: No Junction pay stations – but what about other areas?

July 23, 2009 at 4:50 pm | In Junction Plaza Park, Transportation, West Seattle news | 4 Comments

One note of interest, following up on this afternoon’s bulletin that the city is NOT considering pay stations for street parking in The Junction, because the statistics just don’t show a need. (See our 1:02 pm bulletin here.) Knowing that the city had originally said it would do parking reviews in Morgan Junction next year, Admiral in 2011, and Alki in 2012, we asked if those timetables had slid, since this review has taken a year and a half. Here’s the reply from SDOT spokesperson Rick Sheridan:

The Morgan Junction is the only West Seattle area on the near term schedule for a review of parking. This community parking project is tentatively planned for 2010, but that may change due to staffing availability. We still plan to work with the Admiral and Alki/Harbor Drive neighborhoods, but that will occur much further down the road.


  1. I think it is a great idea for the Alki area for the water side so cars cannot park for days on end and RV’s cannot camp.

    Comment by Tami — 6:34 pm July 23, 2009 #

  2. Morgan Junction pay station parking??? It’s such a small commercial area. Yes, it is congested—especially now with the construction—but I can’t imagine why they would even consider pay parking.

    Comment by iggy — 7:11 pm July 23, 2009 #

  3. Some kind of parking control in the Morgan Junction would be great to help move cars around. If you frequent the businesses down there, it’s easy to spot the car ranchers who park for days/weeks on end.
    Homeowners and business owners down there, what do you think?

    Comment by KSJ — 10:01 am July 24, 2009 #

  4. Why does it take til 2012 to “review” Alki? Pay parking is not needed, but the zone parking limits with stickers available for residents is needed.

    Is this a part of the same process?

    Comment by sa — 11:28 am July 24, 2009 #

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