West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Down ~$1 from the peak

gas-pump.jpgThough we’ve posted the occasional spot price check here and there in the last several weeks, it’s been 2 1/2 months since our last Sunday night drive-by survey of posted regular and premium prices at all West Seattle stations. As prices start to fall faster, we thought this would be a good time to get back in the game; discovered in the process that many WS stations are now down about a buck from their June peak — and one station’s currently out of the gas biz. The full price list, lowest to highest, ahead:

Note that Delridge Exxon is off the list for now; while on our survey run last night, we noticed their gas pumps are gone and some sort of work appears to be under way:

$3.35-$3.55, Roxbury Gasoline
(didn’t reopen till late July)

$3.35-$3.59, Gas Depot (South Delridge)
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.65-$3.85)

$3.39-$3.59, Gasco (35th/Henderson)
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.65-$3.89)

$3.39-$3.59, Fauntleroy/Alaska Shell
(June 29th: $4.33-$4.57, April 20th: $3.65-$3.89)

$3.39-$3.61, Arco (Delridge/Orchard)
(June 29th: $4.29-$4.49, April 20th: $3.47-$3.69)

$3.39-$3.63, 35th/Holden Chevron
(June 29th: $4.38-$4.67, April 20th: $3.69-$3.93)

$3.39-$3.65, 35th/Barton Exxon
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.63, April 20th: $3.66-$3.89)

$3.42-$3.62, Calif/Charlestown 7-11
(June 29th: $4.35-$4.55, April 20th: $3.55-$3.75)

$3.44-$3.75, Roxbury Safeway
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.56-$3.79)

$3.45-$3.67, Delridge/Orchard Shell
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.69-$3.89)

$3.45-$3.69, California Shell
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.63, April 20th: $3.71-$3.95)

$3.45 (premium no longer posted), California/Andover 76
(June 29th: $4.26-$4.47, April 20th: $3.59-$3.79)

$3.45-$3.69, Fauntleroy/Alaska 76
(June 29th: $4.35-$4.59, April 20th: $3.67-$3.91)

$3.45-$3.75, Admiral Safeway
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.57-$3.79)

$3.49-$3.69, Roxbury Shell
(6/29: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.67-$3.89)

$3.49-$3.69, 35th/Avalon 7-11
(June 29th: $4.33-$4.57, April 20th: $3.65-$3.89)

$3.49-$3.69, mid-Delridge Shell
(June 29th: $4.39-$4.59, April 20th: $3.69-$3.89)

$3.49-$3.89, Admiral Chevron
(June 29th: $4.37-$4.77, April 20th: $3.65-$4.05)

$3.53-$3.77, Barnecut’s Shell (Admiral)
(June 29th: $4.38-$4.62, April 20th: $3.67-$3.91)

$3.55-$3.85, Lincoln Park 76
(June 29th: $4.43-$4.67, April 20th: $3.69-$3.95)

To see the citywide average, check AAA’s latest stats.

Our previous West Seattle Gas Price Watch coverage is archived here.

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  • Arlene October 14, 2008 (8:41 am)

    Thanks for resuming this. I appreciate this service.

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