Update: Police Appreciation Day “exceeded expectations”


That’s what organizers told us when we returned to the Southwest Precinct tonight during the final half-hour of the first-ever Police Appreciation Day organized by the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council — by then, the board you see above was covered with dozens and dozens of handmade thank-you notes and cards (we photographed it in the early going, for our first report). Organizers’ running count tallied up more than 170 people participating in the daylong event — some of course were the appreciation recipients themselves:


Community appreciation is also well-deserved by the organizers – including leaders of the WSCPC, whose president Dot Beard (below left) took a moment to pose for us with Seattle Neighborhood Group staff liaison, Jennifer Duong:


WSCPC vice president Kay Newton worked hard to line up sponsors/donors to make this a festive event with everything from food and beverages to fun kid stuff, enjoyed by young visitors including these (thanks to Kacy for these next two photos):



Those with a few more years in the rear-view mirror made cards and shared sentiments – from serious to whimsical:



This event was in lieu of the Crime Prevention Council’s regular meeting for July – they’ll be back in session August 19th. Two other related events in the meantime: Night Out August 5 (register your block party here, so you can close off your street!) and Picnic at the Precinct August 16.

2 Replies to "Update: Police Appreciation Day "exceeded expectations""

  • KatherineL July 16, 2008 (9:17 am)

    I’ve been staring and staring at the picture of Dot Beard. She looks so much like a late aunt of mine, especially the smile. There was that uncle of my grandfather’s who went to California during the Gold Rush and just disappeared…I wonder if Ms. Beard has ancestors from California?

  • MargL July 16, 2008 (12:30 pm)

    I hope Dot got a few moments off her feet during the festivities! She was so busy doing little things to keep the show running the whole time we were there! She made sure we were introduced to Captain Kessler, made sure the food wasn’t in the sun so the ice wouldn’t melt, kept the garbage can from overflowing… Thanks, Dot! Hazel and I had a great time visiting.

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