Reader Recommendation Request: New arrivals need doctors

From Jo B:

Looking for doctors … We just moved to West Seattle from Minnesota and I need to find a local doc (preferrably West Seattle but downtown is ok too) who understands fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and my hubby needs a good old fashioned family doc. Preferably one with Saturday hours or downtown near the train dept. We are United Health customers.

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  • scian December 5, 2007 (9:36 pm)

    …We just moved to West Seattle from Minnesota… Consider yourself healed!!! ;)

    Seriously though, the Swedish Med Center is extensive, distributed geographically including West Seattle, and concentrated heavily on pill hill (Cap Hill around James/Madison Streets etc.)

    Welcome to West Seattle!

  • sassy December 5, 2007 (10:14 pm)

    I’d recommend Dr. Watson at Swedish West Seattle Clinic – my hubby goes to him & really likes his attitude toward patient needs.

  • Radley December 5, 2007 (10:27 pm)

    Terrill Harrington, aka “The Family Doctor.” He is here is West Seattle, wonderful, and has a great staff. He was recomended to me by three seperate folks last year when I was a WS newbie.

  • EMF December 6, 2007 (5:17 am)

    If Saturday access is important, I recommend the UW Physicians Neighborhood clinic in Belltown (near Seattle Center and the Space Needle, just a few blocks off 99 Western Ave Exit.) Not only is my doctor GREAT (Dr. Corinne Heinen) but they are open late several nights a week (until 6 or 7), they open at 7:30 am, and they are open on Saturdays. They also do eCare – you can email your doc, get your refills sent that way, schedule your own appointments on line, and the MINUTE any test is done, you get an email and can go look at the results online. Awesome service – I have never waited longer than a day for an appointment, and often am seen same day when I call. Also, if you ever need to see someone elsewhere in Seattle (my job takes me around the city) they are on an electronic medical record, and you can go to any of their 8 locations, and all the other docs can see your records real time (and the other clinics don’t treat you like a new patient – it is as if you are at you home clinic).

  • Lou December 6, 2007 (8:16 am)

    I second the vote for Dr Watson at Swedish…been seeing him for over a year. Good doc, keeps you honest.

  • fiz December 6, 2007 (11:12 am)

    We really like and appreciate Denis Hom. He’s treated members of three generations of our family, takes the time to listen, is intuitive and proactive – a wonderful and gentle man.

    When my elderly mother was hospitalized, hospital staff, both nurses and docs complimented his skills and caring.

    You’ll find Denis and brother Doug at 36th SW and SW Alaska.

  • Anony December 6, 2007 (3:32 pm)

    Hi and Welcome!

    I wholly agree with EMF….UW Medicine’s neighborhood clinic in Belltown is great. My doc there is Rutherford Hayes (he’s related to his presidential namesake; a direct descendant I believe) is great. The clinics and the UW medical center share records via a computer network, so if you have a test done the general practicioner can actually read the results in the exam room with you.

    Highline Medical Group on 41st AVE SW and SW Edmunds ST is terrible, at least the few times I went there a few years back.

  • grae December 6, 2007 (7:21 pm)

    I don’t have fibro, but do have hypermobility syndrome, which shares some of the pain issues. I’ve found the following docs helpful –
    Chiropractor – Dr. Catherine Sparks (West Seattle)
    Acupuncture – Dr. Jim Blair (First Hill)
    Rheumatologist – Dr. Mary Wemple (Beacon Hill)
    OB/GYN – Dr. Noreen Faulkner (First Hill)

    good bus access to all – and welcome!

  • BB December 6, 2007 (8:02 pm)

    I am quite happy with Dr. Harrington… He is a great explainer and seems to be committed to West Seattle.

  • Dave December 8, 2007 (11:07 am)

    I’ve gone to Dr.Hrrington for over 3 years. He’s great, easy to talk to. Listens and explains things well. We’re fortunate to have him in our neighborhood!

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