California Ave “upzoning” proposal: Find out more tonight

We first told you five days ago about the new proposal to rezone both sides of a stretch of California Ave south of Admiral Junction. Right now it’s zoned NC1-30 (latter number is maximum height); the proposal, brought by a representative for area property owners, is to change that to NC2-40. (“NC” stands for neighborhood commercial; other Seattle zoning designations explained here.) Here’s the area in question, in a screengrab straight from the city “notice of application” page:


Some of those commenting on our original post suggested new development in that area will be an aesthetic improvement. Then there are concerns like this one:

An excerpt from a comment posted by “mctosh”:

… The back of our property abuts the block (3200) that is up for rezoning. I originally hesitated to buy a home that shared a back boundary with commercial zoning, but part of the reason I decided to buy was that the commercial zoning only allowed lower-rise buildings. We have already lost privacy in our backyard (which borders the alley due west of California) due to new development of higher houses (“skinnies”). And now this. The businesses/apartments that overlook our backyard aren’t particularly atractive (especially since two of them removed the beautiful pines that provided some natural buffering), but they at least have some character. And new, higher buildings would mean decreased privacy, less sun, and, probably even more noise. And what might follow? Multi-family zoning to replace single-family a block or so east and west? …

First step for everyone with questions, find out more about what’s being proposed. You have a chance to do that during a brief presentation that’s on the agenda of the Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting tonight. ANA president Mark Wainwright notes that this is NOT a public hearing. Therefore, it’s NOT an occasion to bring complaints/concerns — Mark says he plans to organize a separate meeting later that’s entirely about this proposal. But if you want to hear a few more details straight from a city DPD rep, tonight’s ANA meeting IS your first chance — it’s on the ANA agenda at 7:30 tonight, after half an hour of other business; the meeting is at West Seattle Congregational Church, 4320 SW Hill (at California; here’s a map).

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  • Forest November 13, 2007 (8:53 am)

    I wonder if the proposal is necessarily coming from a representative for area property owners. The land use bulletin describes the rezone idea as a “Council Land Use Action,” which sounds to me like its a scheme hatched by the city itself.

  • MW November 13, 2007 (9:22 am)

    Thanks for the post, WSB.
    All are welcome to come to the ANA meeting tonight to learn more about this proposal. DPD will hopefully get everyone up to speed and then we’ll help organize another meeting that we can dedicate to this proposal. We’ll be sure to get the proposers and other stakeholders from the neighborhood there.

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