Reader Recommendation Request: Embroidery, anyone?

Here’s another WSB RRR, posted in the neighbor-helping-neighbor spirit, in hopes someone else in West Seattle can help when your F2F friends/family/neighbors can’t. This one’s from Jen:

I’m wondering if any WSB readers know of and can recommend someone who can do a small piece of embroidery. I don’t have a large volume job – just embroidering a name on one item. Since I lack a sewing machine, I can’t do it myself, and I have no idea where to find someone who would be willing to fulfill such a small request.

Please post suggestions as comments to this post. Part of the beauty of RRRs is that they provide information searchable later for anyone trying to find something similar. Don’t forget, we are gathering them all in their own category (here).

8 Replies to "Reader Recommendation Request: Embroidery, anyone?"

  • Cindi September 30, 2007 (8:15 pm)

    Try contacting PB&J Textiles. I saw their work at a WS Chamber of Commerce open house at SSCC this past summer, but have not yet done business with them. Contact info 206-243-3053,,, located at 7349 35th Ave SW.

  • PattC September 30, 2007 (9:21 pm)

    Try the Senior Center of West Seattle – 932-4044 – 4217 SW Oregon St. They have a quilting group. There is sure be be someone of talent with silk and needle there.

  • deb October 1, 2007 (11:01 am)

    I recommend calling the friendly, helpful, and talented staff at the Seattle Yarn Gallery. They sell embroidery tools and supplies at the store, and I’m sure that at least one person on staff is an embroidery expert. At the very least, I’m sure they’d be able to put you in touch with someone who can help. ( 206.935.2010)

  • Fiona October 1, 2007 (12:46 pm)

    Try at the trophy shop in the Junction. It’s in the back of the building, with the pass through from the parking lot, in the north west part of the Junction. I think it’s Many Moons trading that’s in there too. She does letterman’s jackets.

  • kittycatcarlyle October 1, 2007 (7:46 pm)

    I’ve used PB&J Textiles (across the street from Bee Waxed Spa & the ever-revolving cafe). They do great work, and are very fast, friendly & nice.

  • Margaret October 8, 2007 (6:57 pm)

    Looking for Jen

    I live in West Seattle and I have an Embroidery business in my home. If you would like you can call me at 206-949-6887 or email at msee102407 if you have any questions.

  • Jen October 12, 2007 (7:55 am)

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone, and thanks, WSB! You run a great blog.

  • Virginia October 14, 2007 (7:50 pm)

    Late though I am on posting – we use Wilson Stitchery in Shoreline. The owners have no problem with small jobs and we use them all the time. Good luck!

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