Reader request for your recommendations: Cat boarding

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cat.jpgEvery so often, we get a request to ask everybody in WSB-land for suggestions about something. (Recent examples: Toddler-friendly WS coffee shops and tasty WS takeout.) This week, we’ve been awaiting a slow moment to post the latest such request, and that moment is here: Any recommendations you would care to share for best WS-area place to board your cat(s)?


  1. I have a great cat sitter…but she doesn’t board.

    Comment by Rhonda Porter — 9:33 am August 4, 2007 #

  2. I would never board my pets.

    Comment by Jiggers — 10:29 am August 4, 2007 #

  3. For our contribution to the thread … we had good experiences with WS Animal Hospital before deciding that for the amount of fuss a certain pet put up before the trip to said facility, we might as well just go the pet-sitter route too.

    Comment by WSB — 10:44 am August 4, 2007 #

  4. We boarded our cats at WS Animal Hospital too. Dr. Robertson is a fantastic vet, so we had him look at/clean teeth while they were there. The “kitty condos” are a misnomer, however – I was disappointed in their size and close proximity to other cats (oh, so on 2nd thought, maybe it isn’t a misnomer after all (??) : )). (P.S. it was necessary to board them b/c we were going to have construction people in and out of the house all week, and didn’t want the indoor-only cats to either escape or be scared and miserable).

    Comment by Amy — 10:54 am August 4, 2007 #

  5. If you decide to go the pet sitter route, Connie of Leave It To Me Pets is amazing. She’s watched all of my pets here in West Seattle for many years.


    Comment by Stacie — 12:47 pm August 4, 2007 #

  6. I have used the Petsmart Pets Hotel in Tukwila several times. It is $14 a day. The “condos” are rather small but are two-level. They let the nice cats out for some time each day (one at a time of course) to play on a carpeted jungle gym or totem pole or whatever you call it.

    They discussed my cat’s behavior in detail so they do seem to give each cat face time.

    Comment by Jeff R — 12:57 pm August 4, 2007 #

  7. It’s not in West Seattle, but I used “All My Kittes” in Madrona ( and was very pleased with them. Check out the photos on their website to see the facilities.

    Comment by Christy — 2:20 pm August 4, 2007 #

  8. I concur that it is too stressful for cats to board them. They are such creatures of habit. I prefer to have a sitter come to my house twice a day. I have a fantastic pet sitter who lives right here in West Seattle (she used to work for Lien Animal Clinic). If anyone wants her info., please email me at

    Comment by ms_f — 4:40 pm August 4, 2007 #

  9. I don’t know if they do cat boarding, but I use Lady Di Pet Chaperone (which I believe is in the Admiral area) for in-home cat care when I go away. I am very happy with them. Their website is
    Lien Animal Clinic ( on Alaska says on their website that they do cat boarding, but I don’t have any experience with them other than as our vet.

    Comment by Sue — 6:49 pm August 4, 2007 #

  10. Lien Animal Clinic is very good. I worked there in high school and have had my cats cared for there ever since. It is a kennel environment, which some cats find very stressful, but they do their best to keep them comfortable and separate from visual contact with other critters.

    I second the recommnedation for Lady Di as well; I hired her when I was going out of town and had a sick cat who needed some pretty intense medication and treatment, and she took care of all of it beautifully for a very reasonable fee.

    Comment by herongrrrl — 11:28 am August 5, 2007 #

  11. We were using WS Animal Hospital, and were happy… until they messed up in a major way. We had double-checked twice that they would be open on a certain day. When that day arrived, we stopped by to drop off the cat on the way to the airport.

    You guessed it — the doors were locked tight. So we had to leave the cat home, unattended, for over a week. We were furious, and needless to say, fired them as our kennel and as our vet.

    Comment by Dan — 5:00 pm August 6, 2007 #

  12. We’ve used WS Veterinary Hospital (the one on California Ave, not the WS Animal Hospital in Jefferson Square) quite happily, and absolutely recommend them both as a place to board and as a vet. We have a high-maintenance special needs cat that they’ve bent over backwards to help, and Dr. Waterhouse came up with an unusual treatment that has extended our kitty’s life by about three years so far.

    I’ve gone through a lot of vets, and a lot of good vets, in this particular cat’s career, and they’re far and away the best.

    Comment by Evan — 10:47 am August 11, 2007 #

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